Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh bother!

I spent New Years Eve at my sister's home. I was reluctant to go since they'd had the flu going around their home a few days before. In fact, my whole family, (Dad, sisters and all their kids) had had it. But everyone had been well for the last 2 to 3 days. So I deemed it safe and off we went.

We had a blast, of course.

Last night, Wyatt started crying at two in the morning. He had thrown up in his bed and was soaking wet. Bry put him in the tub and I got new jammies out. I put him in bed with me where he tossed and turned until 5am. I had sent Bry out at around 2:30 so he could sleep longer as he had to work all day today.

Finally, at 7:00am, I couldn't take it anymore. Wyatt never had gone to sleep, but had tossed and turned for hours. I had spent that time watching "Rocky" movies, one after another, constantly pulling Wyatt away from the edge of the bed.

I handed him off to Bry. I never did go to sleep though, because he screamed for two hours more. We finally figured out that he was dying of thirst, (duh) so we gave him some sprite, which he inhaled like a dying man.

He threw up a couple of more times during the day,but has since done a little better. Then at abound 4 or 5pm, Gabe started throwing up too. I have a bad feeling about this. My sister told me that no one was immune at her house. They'd even had flu shots and still all got sick.

Well, dang. Something to look forward to for the weekend.


Amy said...

At least it will go through before school starts? I am so sorry, I was up with a sick kid last night too, it is no fun. Luckily he just had a stomach ache and a fever, no throwing up. Keeping fingers crossed. I'm usually the one that gets it though. Good luck!

Josi said...

Yuck--there is nothing worse than sick kids-I just hope you don't end up with it. The good news: School's back in as of Monday!! Yehaa!

Julie Wright said...

Oh yikes and yuck! The neat things we get to do as moms. As josi said, i hope you don't end up sick as well. Good luck!

Tash said...

stomach is the worst :( i hate were going through a similar but of course me..i get it..and it doesnt go all the way to throw up but doesnt go away either ..yuck is all i have to say good luck