Saturday, January 24, 2009


I did it! I finally submitted my three "First" Chapters! Yikes! It was so scary! Every time I read through them, I kept finding things to change. I figured if I didn't submit them quick, there would be nothing left!!!!

I hope it worked, I hoped they all went, and I hope they know who submitted them! I keep thinking I made mistakes or something, but I guess it's all over now. Now I just wait and see.

I keep wondering if I submitted the stories in the right order. I'm sure I did but I keep wondering! Are they good enough to win? Did I catch all the mistakes? Did others who read them catch the mistakes? Please of please, let them be perfect!!!!! ARGGGGG! I can't take the pressure!!!


Jeri said...

Now you listen up girl! RELAX!!!! and give yourself a giant pat on the back from me. I am SO proud of you for getting it done. for setting a goal, and working so hard in the direction of your dreams. whether you win or not - I am so proud of you! WAY TO GO!

Josi said...

When I first saw that photo I thought it was a bathmat on the couch :-) Way to go! And keep in mind that aside from winning (which would be awesome) submitting to a contest is a HUGE step. pat yourself on the back for even daring to take it--many writers never do.

Jennie said...

i am so excited and proud of you!

can't wait!!!!

sis Karen said...

very funny pic. Good luck.

Lisa M. said...

I agree with what everyone else has said.

Either way, Melly, it will be a learning experience, and from that comes growth.

I too, am so proud of you!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Thanks guys! I've been having nightmares of sending the wrong version. I had two saved. The one I wanted to send was saved in doc. form. The other hadn't been edited.

Oh my word! I worried all night that I'd sent the unedited one! I checked, but sure enough, I'd sent the right one.

The things we worry about! =)

Tash said...

RELAX! lol you will do awesome. you are awesome! this is coming from somone who knows you way too well lol. miss ya tons today..sitting here having a snow day wishing i was at ur house watching a movie and chatting :(