Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a life!

I just watched the inauguration of President Obama. I loved it! I cried even! I hope and pray he is the one to make great things happen. I pray for the safety of his family and hope his time in the White House will be a wonderful memory when it's over.

So, I watched this little video that my sister sent me in an email. I SOBBED clear through it. It makes depression, being over weight, tired, sad, and feeling sorry for myself seem extremely shallow. Please watch it. Nick.

Now to something else fun. Last night I went with Lisa to the Depot, at the Gateway to see OAR. They are a rock band who I'd never heard of. I knew only one of their songs and I can't even tell you what it's called. Lisa had tickets so off we went.

First off, we stopped to get our hair done at the best Salon I have ever been to. The "Garden" in Bountiful. Seriously, it's amazing. We both got trims and styles and felt like movie stars by the end. My hair turned out awesome! So did Lisa's. Sorry, no pics available at this time! lol

Then we ate at Baccio's at the Gateway, one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Toward the end of our time there, in walked three of my sisters and three of my neices, plus a few other women. They'd had a girls night out to go see "Bride Wars," then out to eat. How fun to run into my family! I had been invited to their fun little shin dig but had plans of my own, obviously.

So, down the street we walked to the Depot. We get to the entrance and are asked for our tickets and ID. Lisa had forgotten her ID but we didn't worry about it as we are both perfectly aware that neither of us has a problem looking our age. (Not because we want to though)
They wouldn't let her in! They had to go get the manager and make a big deal out of it. We told them she has a son who is twently one but I guess they didn't believe us! Long story short, they let us in.

So inside we go. Everyone is drinking of course, and there are no seats. Most people were standing, watching the band. I kept thinking that any minute, someone would spill their stinky beer on me. It was remarkable, I have to say, that the place had no smell of alcohol at all. I was surprised. We looked at eachother and couldn't help but laugh. We had to be the oldest people there!

Our tired feet begged for release, so we headed upstairs to see if we could be lucky enough to find a chair. We found people our age there, although we were the only ones not drinking. We wound our way to the front, right over the stage, on the side. There were a bunch of stools lined up by the wall with no behinds sitting in them, so we snatched our chance. We couldn't see the band, as there were a group of people in front of us at the balcony, doing their thing. But that was okay.

We bought ourselves diet Coke with lime, pulled another stool in front of us for our feet, sat back and bobbed to the music.

The show in front of us became increasingly hilarious. The more the people drank, the wilder they danced. Lisa and I had a blast just people watching. There are some strange people out there, folks, and most of them were in the Depot last night!

All in all. It was very fun, it made us feel very old, but we laughed alot. We made it home, unmolested, by midnight. Woo hoo for girls night out!


Tash said...

sounds fun! wish i could have been there :( .. miss ya lots

Lisa said...

It was a BLAST!