Sunday, January 04, 2009

A new idea!

I just had a Stephanie Meyer moment! There is a time in the morning where I sleep very light. I usually have vivid dreams during this short period. I have always loved to sleep as I always have vivid dreams. It's like going to the movies for free, and I am usually the star. lol

So, I woke up at 7:00am, and thought, "Man, that was a really good dream. It would make a great book." I continued to lay there like an idiot, then had a "I could 'a had a V8" moment. Duh! I jumped out of bed, turned on the computer, and wrote it down.

In less than a half hour, I had written four pages. This has never happened to me before, where I had a dream good enough that I could conceive of developing it into a plot line with real potential.

I won't tell you what it was about, not that I think anyone would steal my idea, (of course not, that never happens) but because I want to see if it turns out as good as I think it will.

I love that feeling you get when a light bulb flashes on, and you come out with a great idea. It makes you feel like a genius! Anyway, the title I have for the story now is "The Adoption". Now, if it gets published, you'll all know you were there the morning it was born!


Josi said...

Wow, I can honestly say I've never had a dream-book moment. But I have had those flashes of inspiration that just pour out of me. They are priceless

Amy said...

I've had a few dreams, but I dream very vividly and very often and I never remember to write it down. :(

Tash said...

ya i have very vivid day ill start writing lol. im glad u are.. everything i read gets better and better :) love ya tons and miss ya tons !!!!

Julie Wright said...

I have had only one dream book moment and it resolved the ending to my four book series. It was brilliant! I hope your dream moment turns out awesome too!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I hope so too as I am entering the first and only chapter in the contest! lol

You'll have to tell me what you think if you are a judge.

Lisa M. said...

Can't wait to read it !