Monday, January 12, 2009

My nominees

Lisa gave me a very sweet award! This is so appreciated and makes me feel great of course. Lisa and I have been friends for quite a while and I would have to say, I love her blog too. She doesn't write often enough for me though! Sure love you!

So, I am supposed to nominate others for this same award. So here we go.

Yolanda has become one of my dearest friends. I LOVE her blog and I would have to same the same for her that I said about Lisa. She doesn't post nearly enough! She is a strong woman who loves her family and is dedicated to her responsibilities. I love you, girl.

Sundial Josi has quickly become one of my favorites, who I check everyday. I love her posts, I love her writing. She has published like 8 or 9 novels and they are wonderful. I first started reading her books to see how good she really was. What I found were page turners that I couldn't put down. I really love her, and I admire her grit. True grit, girl. True grit. Love you.

Tash is wonderful and had the audacity to move away from me. She started her blog a while ago, but has just started keeping it up. It helps us stay in touch as I miss her dearly. She has cost me quite a bit of money in antidepressants! Although I do save money with shopping. I never go anymore! I miss you girl! I love you even more and will never forgive you for leaving!

Writing on the wall is my favorite blog about writing. I especially love Josi and Julie Wright. Actually, I really like all their posts. There are 4 or 5 published writers who post. Julie and Josi comment on my blog thought, so they are a little more special! They are wonderful! I take everything they say, plaster it in my brain and never forget it! I check this blog often. Sure love you guys.

So, there we are. There are some others I truly love too but I have to go or Gabe wont get lunch before school. They are....Jeri, Holly, Bozark, Charlotte and others. Love you all. Have a great day!


Josi said...

Well, golleeee, I'm all verclempt :-) Thanks for the shout out, Melissa, I appreciate it. Wasn't True Grit a John Wayne movie? :-)

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Why, yes mam, it was! Not many know that! You go girl! (our age)

Lisa said...

I love John Wayne.

I would also like to state, that I am the reason Melissa blogs.