Saturday, July 29, 2006

Grandma's feather bed!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE my bed? It is one of my favorite things in the house. It is a big king size log bed and I Love it. Now the matress set, which is very nice, is not my favorite. It was mainly picked out for my husband's benefit. He likes a firm matress or his back aches. I have gotten used to it and it is fine now but I have never loved it.

This is where the story gets good! My mother in law gets me a gift certificate to Dillard's every birthday and every Christmas. It forces me to shop at a nice store when normally, I just go to Walmart. This time I bought something I am so excited about I can't stand it! I bought a feather bed!!! Do you know what that is? Is is a 3 inch feather matress that you put over the top of your existing matress. I have slept on one once and it was pure heaven!

I orded it online so I don't have it yet but I am on pins and needles waiting for it! Last year I bought myself satin sheets with her gift certificate and I have gotten many beautiful things that just spoil myself that I NEVER would have bought otherwise. It used to bother me to have to go all the way to the mall to use my present but now I can see the genius of it. What a smart woman B's mom is. She knows how cheap I normally am!

I have a down comforter that I love to roll up in and sleep in it. Now I will have feathers on top and on bottom! I hope B likes it. If he doesn't, I will just double it over on my side! Yea for me!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who loves jewelry?

OK. I have the most awesome friend who makes the most beautiful jewelry. We met in the foster care classes and have become like sisters. She just moved to this area a little while ago and it is so fun to have another close friend.

She came over today to work on jewelry while we visit and we ended up cleaning ALL my jewelry and fixing things that were broken. We re-strung a strand of pearls that were my grandmothers that I have never been able to wear for fear that the thread would break.

I have bought the most GORGEOUS stuff. Yesterday I bought a pair of smoky quartz earings and a pair of mossy agate or something or other. Beautiful. I have a pair of blue quartz earings and necklace and well.... lots of stuff. She only uses real stones and jems and mostly sterling silver but does gold too. The silver seems to be more popular now a days. Anyway, She is at the Farmer's market in Salt Lake at Pioneer park every Saturday. Take your wallets because her stuff is so great! I had a hard time getting my stupid camera to focus but I hope you get the idea. These pieces are beautiful up close. The pictures do not do them justice. they are called "D'hulst Origionals"

I admit I am a jewelry junky. Like Yolanda and shoes, it's me and bling bling! I love all kinds and having a friend who readily has it is killing me! I even just bought a new jewelry box that is tarnish resistant. I am a sucker! They say one is born every day! But what does a girl do? Pretty things make me happy! My in-laws have never understood it. None of them wear jewelry very often. I told my hubby I wanted some kind of diamond anything for our 10th anniversary because the diamond is for 10 years. Anyway, my in-laws thought I was being selfish and greedy. I don't discuss my addiction with them anymore!

Well, Have a bright and sparkly day!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The camping experience

I'm back and yes, It was a wonderul weekend! The tent was on a slight hill, I cut my finger with a butcher knife, Our tire went flat in the middle of no where and the spare was REALLY low too but other than that, A blast!

It was hot and we played in an ice cold stream. B took the kids fishing while I read a book and got G ready for bed. We had dutch oven for dinner both nights which were wonderful and Layed all day in the hammock my son put of for me. It only fell a couple of times! My knots held a little better after I fixed it! The hammock it a wonderul big one I brought home from Venezuela when I was a missionary. They just don't make them here like it!

On the first night I had alot of trouble sleeping. When I finally did go to sleep, I had a terrible dream. I have already told my sister about it but I want to write about it too because it was so disturbing to me.

It started out that my whole family had been together for some kind of reunion. I had hugged my youngest sister good bye and we said the usual "See ya" stuff. I think I must have taken a nap or something because a little after, I came out and everyone still there told me that her husband had been killed in a car accident. It was a devastating feeling and I started sobbing and cried for a long time. After a little bit, I went to the phone frantically to call my sister and the fam said that she had died too. That they were together. The sobbing continued. I have seldom cried like this in my life and I couldn't stop. I never realized how much I love my sister and how terrible it would be if she weren't here. She and I sometimes don't get along. Maybe we are too different or too much alike! Anyway, after I was told they had both I died, I thought "Her boys! her boys!" I ran to the phone to call her in law because I wasn't going to let anyone else raise them! I was then informed that they were with their parents in the accident and that no one lived. The rest of the night I spend crying (in my sleep) It was so horrible and the knowledge of the gospel did not make it any better at the time! I remember thinking that it should but the pain was so strong!.

After I woke up my husband told me I had woken him up because I was crying in my sleep. He'd thought of waking me but didn't!!!! Thanks alot!!! I don't know why I would dream this or if it even means anything at all. I do think it was a gift though. I think we need wake up calls once in a while to remind us that life is fleeting and to keep our relationships good. You never know when the last time to see someone you love will be.

My challenge for you all this week is to heal one relationship that isn't good at the moment. You'll be surprised how good it makes you feel!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Good memories

It's Friday again and tonight I am really excited. We are going camping. I LOVE to camp! B is finally taking a day off. Actually, 2. We'll come home Monday some time. Now I wish we had a trailer or camper. I am turning into my mother. I remember when she quit doing the tent thing.

I am to the point where I want a place to potty without squatting, I want water for dishes. I want a soft bed! I want heat if it gets cold. I want to be able to fall into bed if arriving after dark and not having to put up a tent!

I admit I have become a wuss but that is how it is folks! But I will camp in a tent this weekend and love every minute of it! I don't know where we are going. I let B pick that out. I told him it just better have water and trees!

I have some of my best memories of camping. I remember making a fishing pole out of a stick and fishing line I found on the ground and catching more fish than my brother who had just bought a brand new expensive pole! I remember playing in lakes and streams. I remember trying to get lost on trails every year at our family reunion at Granite Flats. I remember my mom putting hot dogs in the pork and beans to make them stretch!

I remember putting my baking feet in the cool river and how it quenched my thirst doing it! I loved hiking Timpinogas and dying in the heat! The camp fires are always a personal favorite. I think I will take my guitar this weekend. I never seem to play it anymore.

I miss my childhood so bad when I think of these special memories. I miss the complete happiness I felt and the total safety I felt in the mountains. I want my children to have these feelings too. I want my kids to love the mountains and campfires and hotdogs and cold feet on hot days. It tears my heart out that there are people out there who have never experienced it.
My wish for all of you out there is that you will have a wonderfully fun campout at least once before the summer is over! Best of luck! Love, me.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yes, I am still alive and kicking! My computer was offline for a week! They came and fixed it so Wha La! za girl eez back!

It has been a great week. My sis from Portland came for a visit. I love it when she is here. She helps so much and makes it so much fun! She did my laundry and all sorts of chores and is so easy to be around. Plus she gives me presents! It was my birthday and she is so generous. She gave me a beautiful silk skirt that is flowy and so soft, earings and a necklace that match, a beautiful candle holder of pink tulips. I love that.

The hubby took me to a nice restaurant, and to see Pirates of the Carribean (sp?) and he even came home early to do it. I did threaten him with his life if he didn't start paying a little bit of attention to me. I am so tired of being a single parent but that is another post.

My brother in law painted me a beautiful water color of a morning glory. He is so good and will be famous some day! My Dad didn't call but without my mom around to remind him, he is pretty forgetful! None of my brothers remembered. That really doesn't surprise me. I would be really surprised if they did. None of my sisters missed it though and they are the ones I care most about! Thank heavens for loyal friends and sisters.

It is too freakin hot today and all I have done is veg. and watch tv. Does that make me a boring lazy mother? We did all paint our toenails today though. Even my boys. That was fun. Tey did each toe a different color!

Well, got to go. Can't hear the baby and he is probably detroying something!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Raindrops keep falling on my head

It's Monday morning and I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself. If you don't want to keep reading this I totally understand. You can stop right here and feel better for it.

Ever since the 5k race last tuesday, I have been in pain again. Just like old times. I don't know what I did to myself but I am guessing it is from starting too fast and too hard. I wake up so achy it's all I can do to get to the tub for a good long, hot soak. Every day.

Today, after a week of not feeling much better, even after visiting my chiropractor, it sit here almost in tears of the injustice of it! Running is something I want to be able to do. I don't know why it's so stuck in my brain. There are alot of other things I could get hooked on. I know I should be grateful that I have the body I do but when you live in constant pain, even on the good days, you start to go a little insane.

There was a study done that showed that people who have chronic pain actually lose brain cells. It has become a joke between me and my husband. It certainly feels like I am losing brain cells! Anyway, I pray constantly for relief but I am afraid that in this life, I may not get any. It scares me to death. I don't want to live the rest of my life like this. But as a wise man once said, there are two choices. You can either get busy living or get busing dying.

I guess I will just keep waddling on.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Food, food, glorious food!

Free Friday has rolled around again and here I sit at my computer on a hot but beautiful day. I bought Digorno pizza for dinner. It's not on my diet and I don't care.

I LOVE to eat. Yes, I am trying to lose weight and be diciplined and I exercize regularly and it doesn't seem to make much difference. That is so frusterating. Our world centers around food and you know what? I like it! I love having food at Enrichment night. I love going to the movies and eating pop corn. I love birthday cake and icecream. I love cream cheese danishes. I love roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy and I am tired of depriving myself!!!! Today, I am STARVING!!!

I want to have the body I used to have. A body that could eat anything and never gain weight! A body that I didn't even know looked good. There was a time that I did not appreciate when the sky was the limit. As I aged and had kids, the gods decided to play a cruel trick on me. Probably to see if I could stand it! I can't stand it!

The word of wisdom is a toughy. Most LDS folks have no problem with the smoking and drinking bit, but then there is the food! The glorious food! Who doesn't like to eat? How do you tell a meth addict not to do his meth when it is sitting right in front of him! That is how food is to so many people! I don't know if I am addicted to food and I am not fat but I am not super thin either. If there happens to be icecream in my freezer (which seldom happens), if I think about it, I can't NOT have some! Then I think that If we eat it all fast it won't be there anymore!

There was a study done about the difference between fat people and thin people. They found that in people who are overweight, even after they have eaten, their mouths water when shown pictures of food or if it is talked about. Thin people felt full after eating and had no desire for more. No mouth watering! I have thought alot about this and found that I am a mouth waterer! I notice it now! It drives me crazy! It is some chemical thing in the brain! It's not just a lack of self control. How do people with this problem overcome it? Is is like telling someone with schizphrenia (sp?) that they don't need their medication. You can overcome it on your own. ( I am not saying here that a person needs drugs to lose weight). If we prayed real hard would they be cured of their brain malfunction? Could it be the same type of thing with food, drugs, all "addictions"? Are some people predispositioned to be overweight? Yes? Well, does that mean some are predispositioned to be gay or rapists or murderers or drug addicts or what ever?

What a question! Who knows? It could become deep here! All I know is that I love food! How about you?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy day after the 4th

What a wonderful holiday! I think the 4th has got to be my very favorite! My day started early because I ran the 5k. I woke up at 5 am! I just couldn't sleep! My stomach was in knots! I have been waiting to run this race agin for 3 years! It has taken my back that long! Now it is just my feet that make it hard!

Anyway, The race started at 7:30 and I have been warned so many times about not starting out too fast. Well, Everyone started out really fast and in my small town that aren't that many runners in the race. Less than 100 probably! So I tried to keep pace so I didn't look slow, which I am and it killed me! I was tired before I had really even started. I quickly fell behind at my own pace while most everybody left me in their dust! There were three of us that kept passing eachother. We kind of stuck together but did not run together. I did have to walk part of the time too.

We ran mostly on a dirt road with beautiful fields on either side. It was so pretty. It was so hot! They need to start it earlier! anyway, to make a long story short, out of 52 women, I came in 41st. Pretty pathetic but at the same time. I felt so good finishing and I finished running! Up hill no less! I thought I would throw up after I crossed the finish line! You want to know the best part? My family wasn't even there! They came 5 min. later! Poor B. had to get the kids ready, feed the animals, the the cart and pony ready for the parade and get them all there! I totally understood but was bummed out none the less that they didn't see me! ALl my friends cheered me on though!

The rest of the day was the parade which was fun, the park, which is always fun! The kids try to catch fish and we eat and play in the water. we were in the pie eating contests. H wouldn't even try to eat hers! she didn't like anyone looking at her!

The rest of the day was the parade which was fun, the park, which is always fun! The kids try to catch fish and we eat and play in the water. we were in the pie eating contests. H wouldn't even try to eat hers! she didn't like anyone looking at her!

J and his best friend won at their age group and each go 5 bucks. I didn't even try to win. I don't have a picture of me and Lisa and our friend during the contest becasue my card on my camera was full by then! ARGGGGG!

The kids looked so cute in the parade. This is the last pic and I am tired! So adios!

Monday, July 03, 2006

I find it facinating that as an adult, I miss out on alot of fun I could be having. Let me tell you why I came to this conclusion.

My 10 yr old is constantly badgering me to go "play" with him. Usually in the hot sun! He had been begging me to go on a bike ride with just him for 2 days. Now, for some of you that may be a simple thing to accomplish, but after getting all the stuff done that I need to and add 4 kids to that, I don't feel like "playing"very often.

I finally promised him we could go in the evening last night after it cooled off if I wasn't too tired. Pretty safe right? NO! At 8:00 I finally admitted it wasn't going to rain, it wasn't too hot, B was home with the others, (it was Sunday after all. He better be home!) So I dragged myself out the door.

My tires were flat which J fixed immediately. The seat was too low and we fixed that too. I had a baby seat on there but we left that.

We road to a pond he had found with his friends up on the mountain side. Took a bunch a dirt roads, had an absolute blast and by the time we got home, I could have turned around and done it all again. I wasn't tired anymore, the tempurature was perfect, the sunset was beautiful and the company was great!

J wants to do it every night and I have to agree. It would be nice. Why is it we let ourselves miss so much because we feel tired or lethargic. Not only was this good for my son but it was great for me. How often have I missed out on the chance to spend time with someone like this? It really made me see how lazy and boring I have become in my old age. Anything worth doing will take some effort but once I was out there, it took no effort at all. I didn't want to stop!

I thank God everday for my son hounding me to get off my rear end and do something. I am so grateful to my children who force me to stay young. Now, there are times when I would like to trade them in, but on the whole, they are fabulous!

My advice today is to get up and do something that takes effort just to see if it turns out to be something wonderful! Happy Trails!