Friday, August 21, 2009

Fresh Blood

I did something interesting this week. I went to Homeopathic doctor who can find what's wrong with you in about three minutes (pretty much) where it takes other normal doctors years and thousands of dollars to figure out.

He looks at your blood under a high powered microscope which is hooked up to a big TV screen and lets you see everything happening there. What I learned was that most of us are walking hotels.

Most of the time, when fresh blood is put under a microscope, it moves around and flows like a river until it dies. My blood didn't move at all and the red blood cells were stuck to each other like train cars. I had tons of bacteria and parasites living there, eating my blood cells. I thought I'd throw up. It totally grossed me out. The doc. kept saying, "no wonder you're so tired," over and over.

I'm breeding more than one kind of parasite and they are full and happy. I got an natural antibiotic and parasitic capsules to kill them. The doc also uses a Rife machine. It has metal rods you hold and a thing you put your feet on. It sends frequencies through your body that kill the bugs that the capsules miss. It's absolutely incredible! I feel so blessed to have found him! He tested my kid's blood too and we're all taking a de-wormer! lol Most people have bacterias and parasites in their bodies from eating and touching contaminated food and if you let them get out of control, they will make you sick in a million different ways. Check it out.

If you're interested in learning more, email me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying to keep up

It has been about a week so it's time for a post! I don't know why it's so hard to keep up. I see so many other writers who blog faithfully, but I get further and further behind!

Between five kids, writing and trying to clean the house (every once in a while), the farm out back, and most importantly, my hubby, I find that after working on my book, I just don't want to type anymore. How do you other writers do it?

Anyway, Jake left at 5:30 this morning for a week at scout camp. I never see that boy anymore. He spent all of last week in Montana fly fishing. He's having way too much fun! But don't worry. I'll have plenty of chores for him to do when he gets home!

Seth loves being the big man and I have to admit, the house is much quieter and peaceful. I mean that in the nicest way! lol But dang! Teenagers are hard!

So, it's Monday but I'd really like to take off and go to a movie. I need a fun break with friends. I haven't had a friend date in ages and I'm going through withdrawals. Isn't there someone out there who wants to go out and play?

So much for that. Have a great week!

Monday, August 03, 2009

My Dang Neck!

Well, the news is that I had a fabulous weekend camping in my new trailer (it's new to me anyway) and with my sisters and their families. The sun shined the whole time and the stream was just right. No to wild, not too tame and safe for kids.

It was the last morning we were there that I rolled over and my neck seized up. Terrible! So I have spent my time since on drugs and heat. That part I did like! Now I wait for my Chiropractor to fit me in. It's actually good I had to wait because the spasming and swelling has gone down. It will be easier to adjust.

So today, I sit here, writing in my book and waiting for the phone to ring. I hope it does soon. It's a good excuse to be lazy! lol