Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 11th anniversary! It has been a great 11 years and definately a growing experience. I had decided to take our evening out together into my own hands because my dear sweet, practically perfect husband does not have a good track record when it comes to planning anniversaries. I try not to hold it against him but it does come out in the wash once in a while.

Anyway, this year, we have decided that we will trade years to be in charge. This year I bought tickets for a concert called "Great big sky" in park city. I tried to get a room there too but with it being presidents weekend, there was absolutly NOTHING available! So I got a room at a bed and breakfast in Salt Lake.

Well, I was desperately hoping we would all be well again by this weekend. Yes, My kids brought home colds again and I did get it. I have felt progressively worse over the week. I didn't want to cancel our date but I just KNOW the mother in law will think terrible things if we leave them with her over night and granted, they are our responsibility but I would just like to once, have a nanny! Anyway, she will watch them but I did cancel our bed and breakfast reservation.

It's not the end of the world. It's our own fault we got married in a month that most children get sick in. Are we doomed for the rest of our lives? It seems like every anniversary, at least one of our kids are sick!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh, it is wonderful!

I am reading the third book in a series about Christ. This one is called "Behold the man". It is such a wonderfully written book. The history alone is remarkable. I have found that when we don't know the history and traditions of the Jews that we miss half the meaning in the stories he told. I have sat and cried several times while reading this.

These books are written in a way that makes you feel like you are there. I truly wish I could have been. My testimony feels to much stronger just because of the things I have read.

I have learned the difference between saduccees and pharisees. I didn't know that before and the meaning of certain words where the translation makes all the difference.

The book also makes me look at how intolerant we are of each other. The Pharisees hated everyone else, thinking no one obeyed the laws as well. No one thought anything good could come out of Gallilee and everyone hated the Samaritans. Those who lived in Jeruselem were the really favored and anyone else was looked down upon.

How often do we do that today? Do we look at those who are not members of the church and feel sorry for them and look down on them just a little? Do we think that they could not possibly be as happy as we are? I don't know. I try not to do that. Being married to a man who did not grow up in the church but did grow up in Utah has really opened my eyes. I did not realize how black and white I saw things. Even after my mission, I was so self riteous and did not see it. I don't know what Bryan saw in me but thank the Lord he saw something.

Jesus loved everyone he came in contact with. That was one thing that really bothered people of his time. The posiibility that he loves Saddam Hussein, or the murderes in Rhuanda, or the man who beats his wife as much as he cares about my beautiful, perfect children seems wild in one sense, and totally perfect on the other.

May God grant us all the ability to see past the bad and on to the good. May those of us who are capable, truly love everyone around us. May we be able to forgive those who we really feel don't deserve it.

Love to you all.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Never jump to conclusions

So, I had my monthly adjustment with my chiropractor. Let me tell you about him. He is only a year older than me. He believes in western and eastern medicine. He is a mobil chiropractor which means he comes to your house. The first time I heard about him I thought, "door to door salesman". Anyway, when I saw who he was, I wondered if he knew anything. I mean, he is only my age and I sure feel young!

As it turns out. He is fabulous. I know there are alot of people out there who think chiropractors are quacks. There are some of those. I have been to alot of them just because of my scoliosis. Anyway, This guy is incredible! Your appointment lasts at least a half hour and he does acupressure and trigger point therapy a little massage as well as being able to adjust any joint in your body.

I told him about my pain and the wondering if it is arthritis. He checked me out and said it looks like my right arch has really fallen. (It's my right knee that hurts) He went to a seminar to learn some new technics in adjusting and he did my feet, my knees, my hips, shoulders, elbows. Everything!! On my right leg and foot, it hurt, it was out of alignmnet pretty good. I hope that is all it is. It does feel better. I have started taking Glucosamine too to help with my joints.

I said I want to be a runner. I am not a die hard. The furthest I go is about 2 to 3 miles at a time and that is not even running the whole time. I do try to be careful. I have to be. I am crooked to start out with (a little) so I watch myself and stop if I feel something in my body isn't right.

Thankyou so much for all your advice. I love it! Have a fab day!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Yolanda, You have ruined me!!!!! I just got on to and ordered some shoes!!! I've never been to that site before and I think it is safe to say I have a new addiction! I just ordered some really cute Keens. Mary Jane style. I love Keens. I usually just shop at payless or Walmart if you can believe that, so I never seem to have nice shoes because I hate the styles they sell. I haven't bought new shoes that are nice in like 2 years! And now, Today I have bought 2 pair! (I ordered some cute shoes from Cabelas this morning) It's about dang time! I am sick of looking like I live at walmart. (which I do but don't tell anyone!)
I wrote a post this morning that did not get published some how. Dang. anyway, I just wanted to ask you all out there a question.

I think I may have arthritis in my knee. I have had pain in my knee for 3 months now. It jsut started all of a sudden. I thought maybe I had twisted it or something but it's only gotten worse. I have constant pain continually in it. I still run fine. In fact, it feels better after I have but these last two weeks have been bad when I couldn't run.

Sometimes I feel a little picked on. I finally get my back to where it doesn't mind the running and then this knee thing comes up. Does anyone know what it could be? I do believe emotions are directly related to physical health. I just can't figure out what would be causing this unless it really is just getting old. I hate to think I have all these psycho hangups and that's why I keep going through this physical crap.

Maybe this is a test. Only a test. I mean, don't we all have them? Don't we need them to grow? My life is pretty great. Maybe the only tests available for me are physical ones. Whatever it is, I am not going to let it stop me! I don't care how bad it hurts, I have a mission!!!! Out of my way! Here I come like a mad rhinaucerous (sp?) coming through the wall! IS THIS ALL YOU HAVE? CAN'T YOU DO ANY BETTER THAN THIS???? HA HA HA HA!!! I LAUGH IN YOUR FACE!!! (a little dramatic but it gets the point across.)
I can't believe how fast my computer is now! I just love it!

Anyway, I have a question. I think I may have arthritis in my knee. I don't know because I just don't. It started about 3 months ago. I thought maybe I had twisted it or something. I had my chiropractor adjust it but the pain has not gone away. It is a deep ache now that NEVER goes away. It sometimes keeps me awake at night. These last couple of weeks have been especially bad because I hadn't been working out while I was sick. So far, It doesn't really bother me when I jog or walk.

I have started back on the treadmill this week and that feels so good but this constant pain bothers me a little. I feel like I am turning into a grandma! I'm only 35! It is so wierd. But no matter what happens, I am not going to let it stop me. I am determined to be a "runner". In fact, I would like to run a marathon one of these days. How hard can it be???? *lol*

The rest of life is going along fine. Work for the hubby was getting slow and he was worried. we paid the old tithing and now he has so much work, I never see him . I may skip next month!

I feel so happy this morning. I want to tell you all out there that I love you guys so much! I feel like I have this circle of friends here that I never feel like there is a problem I can't handle. I just come to you guys! I am so grateful to have you and for Lisa getting me started! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

new, new, NEW!

I wrote a post a couple of days ago but obviously it didn't stick! I was at Lisa's house because my computer was in the hopital. To make a long story short, I have a new motherboard, new hard drive and a new attitude! Everything is a little different but I had saved my stuff and now just need to downlad stuff.

I nearly died without my computer! I can't believe how much I rely on it! It's my baby! It works so much faster now! I'm in love!

It's time to tuck all five kids in bed so I can't write long but I did want to say hello! HELLO! I haven't died yet! Love you all!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I am sorry it has been so long! My computer is in the hospital! It needs a new motherboard they think. They tried a new hard drive, new windows put in and there seems to be a glitch or something. At least the guy working on it is really good.

I am at Lisa's house right now. She is letting me pay my bills using her computer. Halleluia! I feel like I have been going through withdrawals! Anyway, that's all the new stuff. Just wanted to quickly check in!

Friday, February 03, 2006

scary story

BEWARE! There is a deadly bug going around trying to destroy our lives!!!! It comes to only one person at a time in the home and then turns around and starts over!!!! I have been sick, to one dgree or another, for 3 weeks! Jacob is sick again after having this a month ago and has missed three days of school! Some would say that we have some serious emotional problems going on and that is why we are getting sick. well DUH! Who doesn't? The point is, I'm tired of it! I have not run for over 2 weeks now! I have now graduated to the stage of terrible sinus headache. I have overcome the mucus, coughing, runny nose stage though and for that I am grateful. My husband is about 3 days ahead of me. The possibility that this might all just start over is depressing. So..... Beware! It's out there waiting for those with emotional distress!!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

of the top of my head

A little about my likes, alphabet style.

Analyzing my psychosis
Bathing at all hours of the day with a good book
Calling my friends and sisters to chat
Dining on food I didn't have to make
Exercizing (believe it or not)
Free Friday! No chores, no piano practice, no making beds! An easy day for everyone!
Going anywhere! I love to hop in the car and go!
Hoping there is money in the bank! A daily experience
Interresing people and conversations that are nomally controversial to most.
Just relaxing in my quiet house in the evening after all the kids are in bed.
Kids! they are funny things!
Laughing! No better medicine! I love a good joke!
Making love! It's almost as good as a good backscratch!
Not having a busy schedual in the mornings! I like to take my time.
Opening mail and packages! I love surprises and tearing up credit card advertisements
Playing the piano and singing at the top of my lungs! Very theraputic.
Quiet time, nap time, rest time.
Rice cookers! I love mine. I don't eat much rice anymore but that is a great invention!
Sleep. It's like going to a free movie every night!
Traditions. they bring constancy and good memories.
Underware that fit! Bry looks so good in his! Mormon style!
Vitality! I love happy, energetic people! they make the world turn!
Watermelon! I sure miss it this time of year! It has alot of sugar in it! Did you know that?
X-citing movies! Suspensful ones that make my eyes water!
Yellow! One of my favorite happy colors. I believe in yellow umbrellas
Zuchini, steamed! I love that. It is my favorite veggie!