Friday, February 03, 2006

scary story

BEWARE! There is a deadly bug going around trying to destroy our lives!!!! It comes to only one person at a time in the home and then turns around and starts over!!!! I have been sick, to one dgree or another, for 3 weeks! Jacob is sick again after having this a month ago and has missed three days of school! Some would say that we have some serious emotional problems going on and that is why we are getting sick. well DUH! Who doesn't? The point is, I'm tired of it! I have not run for over 2 weeks now! I have now graduated to the stage of terrible sinus headache. I have overcome the mucus, coughing, runny nose stage though and for that I am grateful. My husband is about 3 days ahead of me. The possibility that this might all just start over is depressing. So..... Beware! It's out there waiting for those with emotional distress!!!!


Lisa M. said...

I am so proud..that I too have the itchings in the back of my throat today.

How kind of you to share this experince with me.

See if I visit you again, anytime soon.

*rolling eyes*

Do ya need me to bring you some chocolate?

Love ya ~

Island Queen said...

((Melissa)) I hate it when a sickness just continues to travel around the family. I woke up with a sore scratchy throat but had to teach today anyway. :-(

That nasty bug is going around CA too. So many people from our ward have been sick for weeks with it!

Feel better soon!

Yolanda said...

I hope the weekend was good to you, and that you are feeling better!! I hope you are getting the rest you all need (as I am NOT...I thought I'd let you know I was thinking of 4:30 am...)

Cannot wait for a new post, and a friend who feels better!