Thursday, February 02, 2006

of the top of my head

A little about my likes, alphabet style.

Analyzing my psychosis
Bathing at all hours of the day with a good book
Calling my friends and sisters to chat
Dining on food I didn't have to make
Exercizing (believe it or not)
Free Friday! No chores, no piano practice, no making beds! An easy day for everyone!
Going anywhere! I love to hop in the car and go!
Hoping there is money in the bank! A daily experience
Interresing people and conversations that are nomally controversial to most.
Just relaxing in my quiet house in the evening after all the kids are in bed.
Kids! they are funny things!
Laughing! No better medicine! I love a good joke!
Making love! It's almost as good as a good backscratch!
Not having a busy schedual in the mornings! I like to take my time.
Opening mail and packages! I love surprises and tearing up credit card advertisements
Playing the piano and singing at the top of my lungs! Very theraputic.
Quiet time, nap time, rest time.
Rice cookers! I love mine. I don't eat much rice anymore but that is a great invention!
Sleep. It's like going to a free movie every night!
Traditions. they bring constancy and good memories.
Underware that fit! Bry looks so good in his! Mormon style!
Vitality! I love happy, energetic people! they make the world turn!
Watermelon! I sure miss it this time of year! It has alot of sugar in it! Did you know that?
X-citing movies! Suspensful ones that make my eyes water!
Yellow! One of my favorite happy colors. I believe in yellow umbrellas
Zuchini, steamed! I love that. It is my favorite veggie!


Yolanda said...

I'm right there with you on "I, J, L, Q, S, V..."and "A" I laughed out loud to!!

Lisa M. said...

Um E? GOOD heavens. Have I taught you nothing?


I love D.