Friday, February 10, 2006


Yolanda, You have ruined me!!!!! I just got on to and ordered some shoes!!! I've never been to that site before and I think it is safe to say I have a new addiction! I just ordered some really cute Keens. Mary Jane style. I love Keens. I usually just shop at payless or Walmart if you can believe that, so I never seem to have nice shoes because I hate the styles they sell. I haven't bought new shoes that are nice in like 2 years! And now, Today I have bought 2 pair! (I ordered some cute shoes from Cabelas this morning) It's about dang time! I am sick of looking like I live at walmart. (which I do but don't tell anyone!)


Yolanda said...

Did you feel the adreneline?! Did the site over-whelm you with possibilities and hope?! Welcome to my world dear Melissa....Welcome to my world!!

melissa c said...

you make me giggle! Yes! yes! YES! It's almost orgasmic!