Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I find it very refreshing to re-arrange things. I have always been this way. In 2nd grade I rearraged everyones desks while they were out to recess. My teacher actually yelled at me in front of everyone for that one! I couldn't believe it and was totally humiliated! I was doing them a favor! No one could find their seats though and I guess that was a problem.

Anyway, today, I just rearranged my bedroom. That is a task, as iIhave a king size log bed to move in a not so big room. I just need change sometimes. It makes me feel better. Plus, I can clean it better, get rid of all the crap, and dust that accumulates. I love to throw away needless stuff. I am not a keeper! *smile*

I have 2 cable jacks in my room and when I hooked up my tv, the dish no longer worked. The other one is not wired I guess and the people won't come out to do it unless I pay 50 bucks! NO WAY! I'll just buy another coaxel cable and lace it around my room!!! Is that cheap or what!

So now I sit in my new spot typing and gazing out my window at the mountains. How nice and peaceful it feels. Hope you all are having a lovely day. May you find something that needs rearranging in your lives!

Friday, April 21, 2006

We're home

Hello! I am home! It was a wonderful, much needed trip! Even the drive both ways was enjoyable! California is so beautiful! I could easily live there if I could afford it and if I could drag my husband along!

We took the kids to old Sacrimento and went to museums and candy shops and my sister bought the kids all giant jaw breakers that cost 10 dollars each! It drives my husband crazy when she spends money on our kids but she loves to, can afford it, and my kids have no grandma on our side so I don't feel too bad letter her spoil them. We jumped on her tramp under a canopy of trees, Played "Settler's" and "Mormon Poker" until we were blue in the face and then to top it off, On Sunday night, My sis led B and me blindfolded into her bathroom where she had her huge triangle tub full of hot water and bubbles and candles lit and beautiful indian pipe music playing. Now, Bry is not a bath man but how could he say no to that! We climbed in a soaked and talked for over an hour! It was very relaxing and romantic. Just what we needed since I had been a little irritated with him.

On Sunday morning we got ready for church and went to S's church. She claims not to be a mormon any more and really wanted me to go to her Christian church with her. She was really worried that I wouldn't like it. Well, It was wonderful! I cried the whole time. I felt the spirit really strong. They had a band and everything! One woman sang "Jesus take the wheel" and I cried clear through it! The preacher never said a thing I disagreed with and if I didn't believe as I do, that is the church I would attend. It was a great meeting and dinner was great! We went on Saturday to the mountains to go shooting and roast hotdogs. Our dogs got some ticks which was so yucky but we took care of that. SOOOOO fun! I hated coming home to real life. I love how I live when I am with rich people! Is that totallly tacky or what to say? But 'tis true!

I am so grateful for my family! my own and my extended family. I am so happy to be a part of a family that is wonderful and even if we don't get along, we never hold grudges and it's overwith quickly. I love that I have so many sisters to be with. I love my brothers too we just aren't as close. I am so grateful for Eastertime and the resurection. I love the gospel and the knowlegde that we can be like we were this weekend forever. How happy eternity will be.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Man oh man! It has been a long time! I can hardly type! My keybaord got ruined when a snow globe fell on it. Now I have to use our old one and it feels so small! My other one was ergonomically correct and had wrist support and this one feels like it is child size!

I have not posted for a while because I have been sooooo busy! My beautiful little H. was in the ballet "Cinderella" this past weekend and I did alot of volunteering with it. I haven't been around much! It was so wonderful. I cried everytime I watched. I couldn't believe my shy little 3 year old was a part of something like this. She was a pumpkin and was adorable. I am so sad that it is over! I really hope ballet is something she always wants to do. She could really do well I think but I won't force her (completely).

We are leaving tomarrow for California for Easter. My sis has been begging me to come for two years and I am so excited! It will be a blast I think.

We had a family council on Sunday. We haven't had one ever before. we made new goals as a family and our kids made some new goals for me. No more swearing, which I am trying to do but already failing at. Also I can't hit anymore. I never realized How much I did before. i feel like an abusive mother. It is an eye opener. we also started the healing process between my 10 year old and husband. It was very uncomfortable for them but it needed to be done. I am tired of J feeling like his dad doesn't like him and for B being frusterated and impatient with J. So far so good. They have to hug and kiss every morning and night and say "I love you" every day. I feel so grateful that I have a husband who is humble enough to receive constructive criticism and stick to a plan to correct the problems. He tries so hard to be a good husband and father. The funny thing is, it is already working. Both are happier and get along better.

Well, I'm off! Off on a new adventure of self control!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Delayed healing?

Conference just ended. I love to watch it. I love President Hinckley! I feel filled today. I wish this feeling stayed a little longer. I noticed a theme. I guess we as a people need to be more loving and tolerent of each other.

I wonder how often we have a problem or we think we have a certain problem only to find out we were wrong about the root of it. The thing I wish is that it didn't take me so long to figure it out. This is what I am talking about. For the last 6 months, I thought I was getting arthritis in my knee. The pain would become so bad I could hardly walk on it. My sacrum wouldn't stay in alignment which would throw off my hips. I thought I had back problems too. I have been praying daily for relief for over 2 years.

My relief came in the form of Birkenstocks. Inexpensive treatment when you consider how much I have alreay spent! I have found out in the last 5 days that my problems had all origionated in my feet! Ever since I got these new sandles, I have worn nothing else. That is called breaking them in quick! I have some sore feet but my knee hasn't bothered me since Wednesday when I got them. My back is feeling sooooo much better. My chiropractor came on Friday night and was surprised at how straight I was compared to normal. He told me I am no longer allowed to go barefoot! I HAVE to were insoles or my birks! It is funny how I feel like Heavely Father GAVE me something to fix the problem when I truely expected to just be miraculously healed! How often is the answer right in front of us and yet we can't see it. How often do we crawl around blindly when the solution is right there like the arrow with the colored fletches in that talk in conference. He opened his eyes and there it was! Oh ye of little faith. Wherefore dids't thou doubt?

I am so grateful that He has so much patience for me and that my little problems (little compared to some peoples problems) is noticed and taken care of. I feel so blest.