Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I find it very refreshing to re-arrange things. I have always been this way. In 2nd grade I rearraged everyones desks while they were out to recess. My teacher actually yelled at me in front of everyone for that one! I couldn't believe it and was totally humiliated! I was doing them a favor! No one could find their seats though and I guess that was a problem.

Anyway, today, I just rearranged my bedroom. That is a task, as iIhave a king size log bed to move in a not so big room. I just need change sometimes. It makes me feel better. Plus, I can clean it better, get rid of all the crap, and dust that accumulates. I love to throw away needless stuff. I am not a keeper! *smile*

I have 2 cable jacks in my room and when I hooked up my tv, the dish no longer worked. The other one is not wired I guess and the people won't come out to do it unless I pay 50 bucks! NO WAY! I'll just buy another coaxel cable and lace it around my room!!! Is that cheap or what!

So now I sit in my new spot typing and gazing out my window at the mountains. How nice and peaceful it feels. Hope you all are having a lovely day. May you find something that needs rearranging in your lives!

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