Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Man oh man! It has been a long time! I can hardly type! My keybaord got ruined when a snow globe fell on it. Now I have to use our old one and it feels so small! My other one was ergonomically correct and had wrist support and this one feels like it is child size!

I have not posted for a while because I have been sooooo busy! My beautiful little H. was in the ballet "Cinderella" this past weekend and I did alot of volunteering with it. I haven't been around much! It was so wonderful. I cried everytime I watched. I couldn't believe my shy little 3 year old was a part of something like this. She was a pumpkin and was adorable. I am so sad that it is over! I really hope ballet is something she always wants to do. She could really do well I think but I won't force her (completely).

We are leaving tomarrow for California for Easter. My sis has been begging me to come for two years and I am so excited! It will be a blast I think.

We had a family council on Sunday. We haven't had one ever before. we made new goals as a family and our kids made some new goals for me. No more swearing, which I am trying to do but already failing at. Also I can't hit anymore. I never realized How much I did before. i feel like an abusive mother. It is an eye opener. we also started the healing process between my 10 year old and husband. It was very uncomfortable for them but it needed to be done. I am tired of J feeling like his dad doesn't like him and for B being frusterated and impatient with J. So far so good. They have to hug and kiss every morning and night and say "I love you" every day. I feel so grateful that I have a husband who is humble enough to receive constructive criticism and stick to a plan to correct the problems. He tries so hard to be a good husband and father. The funny thing is, it is already working. Both are happier and get along better.

Well, I'm off! Off on a new adventure of self control!


Suzie Petunia said...

Wow! How inspiring! Good luck with your goals. My kids are so young still that family councils are a bit of a joke. This gives me hope for the future!

Lisa M. said...


Can I hitch a ride? CA sounds so nice.

You ARE lucky. B, I think is wonderful, though not perfect (he is genetically challenged, being a man and all) but he seems to be so supportive of you.

I'll delve into something. (wow, such a shock coming from me, in a comment) *rolling my eyes at myself..

Okay folks.

The most wonderful thing about M & B, is they are still very much in love with each other, and when B looks at M, he grins with that, I still want ya honey grin. And while shopping, M will say "OH that would be SO hot on my husband"

It's very cute.

I need to curb my language too. Maybe you can be my mentor?

Yolanda said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter, and visit with your sis! What's great about listening to you talk about your husband and family is the love you see peeking through the lines...constant, and true, it's always there!!

Hear from you when you get back!

Ana said...

Wow, great goals! Stick with it babe, and wave if you drive by Merced on your CA trip, OK? I'm watching!

Jewel said...

Hope you have a great trip. Good luck withthe goals. Have a good day.

Lisa M. said...

I know you are home. I can see you drive up and down the street. Get your bum in gear and call me with the details.


I hope you had a fabulous time.