Friday, April 21, 2006

We're home

Hello! I am home! It was a wonderful, much needed trip! Even the drive both ways was enjoyable! California is so beautiful! I could easily live there if I could afford it and if I could drag my husband along!

We took the kids to old Sacrimento and went to museums and candy shops and my sister bought the kids all giant jaw breakers that cost 10 dollars each! It drives my husband crazy when she spends money on our kids but she loves to, can afford it, and my kids have no grandma on our side so I don't feel too bad letter her spoil them. We jumped on her tramp under a canopy of trees, Played "Settler's" and "Mormon Poker" until we were blue in the face and then to top it off, On Sunday night, My sis led B and me blindfolded into her bathroom where she had her huge triangle tub full of hot water and bubbles and candles lit and beautiful indian pipe music playing. Now, Bry is not a bath man but how could he say no to that! We climbed in a soaked and talked for over an hour! It was very relaxing and romantic. Just what we needed since I had been a little irritated with him.

On Sunday morning we got ready for church and went to S's church. She claims not to be a mormon any more and really wanted me to go to her Christian church with her. She was really worried that I wouldn't like it. Well, It was wonderful! I cried the whole time. I felt the spirit really strong. They had a band and everything! One woman sang "Jesus take the wheel" and I cried clear through it! The preacher never said a thing I disagreed with and if I didn't believe as I do, that is the church I would attend. It was a great meeting and dinner was great! We went on Saturday to the mountains to go shooting and roast hotdogs. Our dogs got some ticks which was so yucky but we took care of that. SOOOOO fun! I hated coming home to real life. I love how I live when I am with rich people! Is that totallly tacky or what to say? But 'tis true!

I am so grateful for my family! my own and my extended family. I am so happy to be a part of a family that is wonderful and even if we don't get along, we never hold grudges and it's overwith quickly. I love that I have so many sisters to be with. I love my brothers too we just aren't as close. I am so grateful for Eastertime and the resurection. I love the gospel and the knowlegde that we can be like we were this weekend forever. How happy eternity will be.


Ana said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! Did you drive by Merced? Did you wave at me?

Welcome home!

Jewel said...

Im glad you had a great trip. How does it feel to be home? Stop by my blog sometime if you get a chance. Have a great evening

Lisa M. said...

Welcome home, Sis.

Its was great to see you the other day and GOOD luck to you, tomorrow.

Just in case she didn't divulge it? She is singing in a trio for Sacrament.

(at 9:00 am)

Island Queen said...

Glad you had a great time!!! It is definitly a nice life when you are rich. LOL...

Kimberly said...

You have such a lovely site and I enjoyed reading it so much. Have a great Day