Sunday, April 02, 2006

Delayed healing?

Conference just ended. I love to watch it. I love President Hinckley! I feel filled today. I wish this feeling stayed a little longer. I noticed a theme. I guess we as a people need to be more loving and tolerent of each other.

I wonder how often we have a problem or we think we have a certain problem only to find out we were wrong about the root of it. The thing I wish is that it didn't take me so long to figure it out. This is what I am talking about. For the last 6 months, I thought I was getting arthritis in my knee. The pain would become so bad I could hardly walk on it. My sacrum wouldn't stay in alignment which would throw off my hips. I thought I had back problems too. I have been praying daily for relief for over 2 years.

My relief came in the form of Birkenstocks. Inexpensive treatment when you consider how much I have alreay spent! I have found out in the last 5 days that my problems had all origionated in my feet! Ever since I got these new sandles, I have worn nothing else. That is called breaking them in quick! I have some sore feet but my knee hasn't bothered me since Wednesday when I got them. My back is feeling sooooo much better. My chiropractor came on Friday night and was surprised at how straight I was compared to normal. He told me I am no longer allowed to go barefoot! I HAVE to were insoles or my birks! It is funny how I feel like Heavely Father GAVE me something to fix the problem when I truely expected to just be miraculously healed! How often is the answer right in front of us and yet we can't see it. How often do we crawl around blindly when the solution is right there like the arrow with the colored fletches in that talk in conference. He opened his eyes and there it was! Oh ye of little faith. Wherefore dids't thou doubt?

I am so grateful that He has so much patience for me and that my little problems (little compared to some peoples problems) is noticed and taken care of. I feel so blest.


Lisa M. said...

Conference was amazing. As always.

I too felt the general theme was loving all people and tolorence. Every single talk spoke to me in some way or another.

I really enjoyed Sister Beck's talk yesterday. She has long been one of my most favorite.

President Hinkley. What can I say about him? Do you remember in Relief Society, the Sunday after Sister Hinkely died, I commented that he was really during that conference preparing us for her departure and I added, as well as his own.

That today again was more than evident. What a wise and grateful man. I hope he knows, and I am sure he does, how loved and respected he is.

When President Kimball died, I didn't think I would EVER love another Prophet the way I loved him. I don't remember what year it was, but I was in HS.

It is funny over the course of time, how our opinions grow and the personal understandings deepen.

I appreciate our prophet and his candor.

I feel like you Melissa, my spirit has been fed.

I loved Elder Hollands comments. In more ways than one, I think he was speaking right to me.

It was indeed a great conference.

I am SO glad your back is feeling better, as well as your knee. That is amazing. I know it is something you have struggled with and struggled with.

GOOD for you.

Glad to hear from you! I am looking forward to Cinderella! We are going next Monday.

Island Queen said...

What a beautiful posts. yes - so often we pray to instantly be healed or have our problems fixed. yet we sometimes fail to realize that the Lord will give us the tools, to help ourselves.

it's wonderful when we realize this!
so glad you're doing better!

lammyann said...

You know..I struggle with that as well...
really I struggle to figure out the line between doing all I can to fix something, and letting Heavenly Father handle it. Sometimes I am so caught up in the "fixing" that I forget to turn it over.
I enjoyed conference so much and I too, felt the prophets comments were preparation. I laughed when he said that we weren't to think of this as his Obituary, but I think it was on all of our minds.
Even if he lives another 5 years, I will truly miss him when he does leave us.
WHat a wonderful Prophet.

Yolanda said...

"Delayed Posting?" Just missing your entries!!