Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Well, Isn't it interresting being a woman? My husband swears that there is only one day a month where I am possibly "normal" hormonaly. Yes, It is probably true. Today I realized why I was so irritible yesterday! During ceratin times I have more of a tendency to be onery. I tend to be less patient with my kids on those days.
Today, my foster son, J, is fine. His little idiosyncrosis (sp?) have not knawed on me today. Although, it was my turn to drive to dance. I take my 3 yr old and my friend' 3 yr old, and she watches my kids and vice versa. When I went to pick them up, J had taken off his socks and lost them. He does that all the time. I have to constantly check to make sure he has socks and underware on. He likes to delete those 2 things!
My son Jacob, who is 10 did great on his report today. Yes he had finished but came home and said some kids had not brought their posters and get extra time to do it. He felt that wasn't fair after he had worked so hard. It's not fair, but some of those kids probably have parents that forgot, don't care or won't help. I told Jake that if that were him, he'd be glad for an extra day too.
Anyway, that's life. Not fair. If it were fair, we would never grow, never learn, never become better people. Love to you all!

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Yolanda said...

Our sons must have the same curriculum, because my son (4th grade?) also just turned in a book report that he spent last night working REALLY hard on...

I chuckled when you put "that's life. Not fair." when you take into consideration the "women conditions" you addressed at the beginning, which truly emphasize this point!! But I guess it's all worth it to be able to bring all the wonderful children into this world...at least on days when they are good (hee hee!)