Thursday, January 12, 2006

new kid on the block

I can't believe how long it has been since I've written! I am so sorry to all my loyal readers! *smile* That is if I still have any. I have been sooooo busy that sitting down to type just hasn't been a priority.

I have a new foster child. I wasn't going to take anymore but I had a feeling I was supposed to take this boy. He is 6 years old and adorable. His parents claimed he is out of control, and runs away and has AD/HD. Well, I really prayed about taking him and I lost ALOT of sleep over it but I kept getting the feeling I should. I have prayed many times about being a foster mom and the answer I keep getting is that this is my purpose and mission on earth to be a mom to these children who have no one to love them.

Anyway, He is thriving. I got permission from the doc. to take him off his meds because I had a feeling he didn't really need them. He has done great for a whole week without them. I think he is just very suppressed by a mother who won't get up off the couch to do anything; orders him around and when he gets tired of it, he gets in trouble for not obeying and then he runs off. In the week I have had him, he has never thrown a tantrum, run off, talked back or been disobedient.

I praise him constantly and tell him how wonderful he is and how smart and all that good stuff. He just soaks it up. It also helps me to be a better mom to my own kids. It helps me be aware of how I am with my own four and how loving and praising I am being to them. It has been good all the way around.

There are so many children in just my area who need homes. I try not to get irritated or judgemental of others but my situation is not unique. i am not super wealthy. I don't do this for money, but that helps. I can think of ALOT of families in my ward who could help these kids and won't or don't. Do you know what the number 1 excuse I hear is? "I'm afraid I would get too attached and not want to give them back. It would be too hard." Pathetic! That is what these children need! Parents who love them like their own! Well, I'll get off my soap box now and go do my hundreth load of laundry. All the kids are sick and throwing up. I have lots of sheets to clean! But this is what I do best I guess! See you all later!


Island Queen said...

Good to see you back! I was wondering what happened to you :-)

I think it's fantastic what you do. I've always thought about being a foster mother. You have inspired me to continue thinking about it.

melissa c said...

Thank you! I hope it works for you!

Anonymously Yours... said...

It's odd how you always write about "fostering" during those times I have been actively engaged in deciding to "just do it!" Last week I had the state's fostering website up, and I was on the brink of downloading all the info. I keep on thinking that not only does my family have a lot of love and stability to offer, I also get this feeling that my youngest would really gain something from it...Making it is time to stop thinking, and just "do."

Lisa M. said...


I agree with you one hundred percent.

Am I one of those families in the ward?


I just love you, and I hope your new boy fits in and can win.