Monday, January 30, 2006

Great weekend

Well, It's a done deal! Little Gabe is ours forever! It was so beautiful! I think there must have been angels with my kids because not one of them misbehaved, yelled, pouted, argued, ran, or did any other undesireable act while at the temple! Yes, I cried. How could I not? just our closest friends were there and it was so quick!
I had an interresting eye opener this weekend. My 10 year old son has a report due tomarrow, on tuesday. A book report. He had to type it, make a poster, do and acrostic poem to go with it plus a journal of the book he had read. Last Wednesday, I had him sitting at the computer and he was crying and throwing a tantrum and saying how much he hated books and computers until I was ready to smack him! So I told him to take a break and I layed on my bed pondering what to do. I little voice in my head said, "remember your love and logic." Yea! So I called him back in and told him that I wasn't going to say another word about the report. If he needed help I would help him but I that I would not do it for him nor would I nag. He knew what to do. He knew when it was due and if He wanted to get a bad grade, well, it was up to him from this point on.
Hello!!!! I should have done that before. He worked little by little all weekend and finished it Monday afternoon. I am so proud of him! it just goes to show that a parent does not need to assume resposibility for everything their kids do. They can actually accomplish things on their own! Who knew?
My foster son J. is doing well. It is a frusterating situation. There are a few things he does that drive me crazy. He tattles constantly, but then so does my own 6 year old. No matter what I say he always asks "why?" I usually say, "you tell me why." so he can figure it out for himself. But I try to be very patient because he does have a little bit of brain damage from lack of oxygen at birth. It's slight but it;s there. Sometimes it's hard to remember that when I am tired. His parents do love him very much. They just honestly don't think that their way of living is wrong. At their house he doesn't even have a bed or bedroom. I think he sleeps on the couch. So sad. I wonder what will happen in the future with him.


Ana said...

Oh, I'm a big fan of Love and Logic! Good for you for applying it! It can be HARD!

Congrats on Gabe! And good luck with your foster son!

Lisa M. said...

I have been thinking about you all day. I wanted to call and see how the sealing went. I am so happy for you. The entire thing seemed to just go flawlessly and the affirmation that you and B were making the right choices.

I just think you are great. I love what a great person you are, and I think you are very unselfish and loving. I am grateful to know you.

Good for you, in remembering your Love and Logic. I think that letting them do things on their own is the very hardest thing for me to do. Have you noticed, that i am a bit of a control freak?


The issues with J, I am sure are frustrating, but I believe that you have him there for a reason. Having raised children that come from simular atmosphere's I feel for you. Hans still to this day, deals with issues that I beleive with all my heart he experienced in the time before he came to live with me. What incredible spirits they must have been in Heaven, in order to *deal* with the issues they have here.

Do you remember the book that you lent me, while E was in the NICU? About the near death experience? "There is No Death?" I my mind constantly goes back to some fo the words written between those pages. When it talks of aliances or ... maybe that isn't the right word, but of relationships being so different in the pre-existance than they are here. I wonder? Did you know J? Did you agree then, to intervine? Did he know, what he was coming too? Or were his parents confident (as I am sure I was..) that this life woulnd't be as hard as it is?

I think about these things a lot. I wonder why Ethan has to struggle so much? Why he has to face the physical pain and suffering that he has laying against him? I wonder if we were friends in the pre-existance. If he agreed to be the messenger to me, so that I could have the pathways on earth to choose the right? To re-think my lifes choices. To change. Or, if he is bound here on earth by his crippled body, for reasons of his own.

I am sure there are truths about our existance that are blinded by the fabric of the vail. One thing I do know for certain, is that J is a very lucky little boy, wether by design or sheer power of the draw.. to have a family like yours to go to.

Thank you for the honor of knowing you.

Love, Lis~

PS... it is a GREAT Do!

Island Queen said...