Monday, July 24, 2006

The camping experience

I'm back and yes, It was a wonderul weekend! The tent was on a slight hill, I cut my finger with a butcher knife, Our tire went flat in the middle of no where and the spare was REALLY low too but other than that, A blast!

It was hot and we played in an ice cold stream. B took the kids fishing while I read a book and got G ready for bed. We had dutch oven for dinner both nights which were wonderful and Layed all day in the hammock my son put of for me. It only fell a couple of times! My knots held a little better after I fixed it! The hammock it a wonderul big one I brought home from Venezuela when I was a missionary. They just don't make them here like it!

On the first night I had alot of trouble sleeping. When I finally did go to sleep, I had a terrible dream. I have already told my sister about it but I want to write about it too because it was so disturbing to me.

It started out that my whole family had been together for some kind of reunion. I had hugged my youngest sister good bye and we said the usual "See ya" stuff. I think I must have taken a nap or something because a little after, I came out and everyone still there told me that her husband had been killed in a car accident. It was a devastating feeling and I started sobbing and cried for a long time. After a little bit, I went to the phone frantically to call my sister and the fam said that she had died too. That they were together. The sobbing continued. I have seldom cried like this in my life and I couldn't stop. I never realized how much I love my sister and how terrible it would be if she weren't here. She and I sometimes don't get along. Maybe we are too different or too much alike! Anyway, after I was told they had both I died, I thought "Her boys! her boys!" I ran to the phone to call her in law because I wasn't going to let anyone else raise them! I was then informed that they were with their parents in the accident and that no one lived. The rest of the night I spend crying (in my sleep) It was so horrible and the knowledge of the gospel did not make it any better at the time! I remember thinking that it should but the pain was so strong!.

After I woke up my husband told me I had woken him up because I was crying in my sleep. He'd thought of waking me but didn't!!!! Thanks alot!!! I don't know why I would dream this or if it even means anything at all. I do think it was a gift though. I think we need wake up calls once in a while to remind us that life is fleeting and to keep our relationships good. You never know when the last time to see someone you love will be.

My challenge for you all this week is to heal one relationship that isn't good at the moment. You'll be surprised how good it makes you feel!


Lisa M. said...

My goodness, that sounds quite dramatic. Where did you end up going, and I am glad you made it home!

Yes, a date is indeed in order!

s'mee said...

yikes. I dream very vividly and have had those same kinds of experiences where you wake up, it feels so real, and it's hard to reallign your thinking for a while.

Thanks for the prompt to repair a relationship. Good advice.

Island Queen said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing that dream. I know it must be painful to relive.

You're right - we should focus on our relationships now, in the present time on Earth. Thank you for the reminder.