Monday, July 03, 2006

I find it facinating that as an adult, I miss out on alot of fun I could be having. Let me tell you why I came to this conclusion.

My 10 yr old is constantly badgering me to go "play" with him. Usually in the hot sun! He had been begging me to go on a bike ride with just him for 2 days. Now, for some of you that may be a simple thing to accomplish, but after getting all the stuff done that I need to and add 4 kids to that, I don't feel like "playing"very often.

I finally promised him we could go in the evening last night after it cooled off if I wasn't too tired. Pretty safe right? NO! At 8:00 I finally admitted it wasn't going to rain, it wasn't too hot, B was home with the others, (it was Sunday after all. He better be home!) So I dragged myself out the door.

My tires were flat which J fixed immediately. The seat was too low and we fixed that too. I had a baby seat on there but we left that.

We road to a pond he had found with his friends up on the mountain side. Took a bunch a dirt roads, had an absolute blast and by the time we got home, I could have turned around and done it all again. I wasn't tired anymore, the tempurature was perfect, the sunset was beautiful and the company was great!

J wants to do it every night and I have to agree. It would be nice. Why is it we let ourselves miss so much because we feel tired or lethargic. Not only was this good for my son but it was great for me. How often have I missed out on the chance to spend time with someone like this? It really made me see how lazy and boring I have become in my old age. Anything worth doing will take some effort but once I was out there, it took no effort at all. I didn't want to stop!

I thank God everday for my son hounding me to get off my rear end and do something. I am so grateful to my children who force me to stay young. Now, there are times when I would like to trade them in, but on the whole, they are fabulous!

My advice today is to get up and do something that takes effort just to see if it turns out to be something wonderful! Happy Trails!


Yolanda said...

Loved your thoughts in this post. I am reminded constantly how fast our children's childhoods pass...It's so important that we do take these moments to embrace, cherish, and make a memory, for when they are too old or too busy themselves for "bike rides!":

ophelia said...

I am new to your blog. I too have a son who loves to be outside and to have fun with me. It is good you recognize your weaknesses and try to overcome them.

Island Queen said...

I totally agree Melissa! The one thing I love about summer is that I have the time to do things with my kids. With no school the next day I can come home and take them to the park. I am tired - but whenever I drag myself out the door I end up getting a 2nd wind and we end up creating the best memories :-)

MarktheChef said...

Amen to your idea Melissa. I think too often we are not willing to invest the time because we have too much to do ... and then we find out that what we think is important is NOT!

Signed Annymous no Longer ...