Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yes, I am still alive and kicking! My computer was offline for a week! They came and fixed it so Wha La! za girl eez back!

It has been a great week. My sis from Portland came for a visit. I love it when she is here. She helps so much and makes it so much fun! She did my laundry and all sorts of chores and is so easy to be around. Plus she gives me presents! It was my birthday and she is so generous. She gave me a beautiful silk skirt that is flowy and so soft, earings and a necklace that match, a beautiful candle holder of pink tulips. I love that.

The hubby took me to a nice restaurant, and to see Pirates of the Carribean (sp?) and he even came home early to do it. I did threaten him with his life if he didn't start paying a little bit of attention to me. I am so tired of being a single parent but that is another post.

My brother in law painted me a beautiful water color of a morning glory. He is so good and will be famous some day! My Dad didn't call but without my mom around to remind him, he is pretty forgetful! None of my brothers remembered. That really doesn't surprise me. I would be really surprised if they did. None of my sisters missed it though and they are the ones I care most about! Thank heavens for loyal friends and sisters.

It is too freakin hot today and all I have done is veg. and watch tv. Does that make me a boring lazy mother? We did all paint our toenails today though. Even my boys. That was fun. Tey did each toe a different color!

Well, got to go. Can't hear the baby and he is probably detroying something!


Yolanda said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating! Today is my husband's b-day...I'll write ya later!

xo Yolanda

Lisa M. said...

I had a card all ready to send you, before I went to Florida, and Paul didn't ever put it in the mail box! When are we going out for our tradional lunch? Happy Happy Birthday my girl!

Love you