Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What a night

I went to a wrestling match tonight for Jake. I missed my writing group to be there because I wanted him to know that he comes first.

I sat there for over an hour with four tired, complain/screaming children, on bleachers, surrounded by strange smelling people and an ornery baby. Jake was last on the list. LAST!!! Then, when it came to his turn, there was no one to wrestle! The other team hadn't brought enough kids and they had all wrestled two or three times already.

So, for Jake to have a turn, he had to wrestle a kid on his own team. I really tried to be supportive and happy, but deep down, way inside, I was pissed! (pardon my french)

I had missed my writing class for this! Ya, ya, I know. It was worth it for Jake blah blah blah. I adore my son, and I hope he knows that, but man!!!

By the time we came home, I was ready to sell my children on ebay! Bedtime was moved up to 7:oo and they'd better stay there! lol

Thank heavens my Wellbutrin XL came in the mail today.


Tash said...

lol gotta love that. i am enjoying my cardio kick box class though it is kicking my butt royally hehe i prob wont be able to walk tomorrow haha. im glad you got your pills..let me know how they work. no word on nates start date beyond stressed...who knows..ive applied for a couple jobs but i dont really want to barely moving u know? oh well ill call ya in morning

Amy said...

Sometimes I really hate my kids being in sports, but most of the time I am glad they are. My oldest quit wrestling because there was never anybody in his weight class and those that were he could pin in less then 10 seconds. No fun. Sorry you missed your class. Sometimes mom alone time is really crucial for sanity!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...


Lisa said...

Trust me

It only gets worse.

And I really mean that!


Next time, hon. Bring your kiddos on over! Or take me with you!