Friday, January 23, 2009


Hallelujah for Fridays! I love Friday. I need Friday. One of the things I like is knowing that the hard stuff if over for the week.

I love that Bry and I have a standing appointment on Friday nights. We never change that. At least most of the time. If we do have to change for some reason, we go out on Saturday instead. It's so easy now that we have a live in babysitter.

We pay Jake so he knows we value his time, but this also motivates him to do better. He gets a dollar tip if everyone got along and another dollar tip if the house is clean. I love it and he does a great job. He doesn't get paid as much as a regular babysitter would get, but something is better than nothing!

This morning, a friend of mine came over and we edited each others "first Chapters" for a writing contest we're entering. Every time I read mine, I see things that would be better a different way. Man, oh man. When do you stop editing? That is the hardest thing. How do you know when it's your "best"?

Oh well. I guess I'll find out someday! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Amy said...

I'm jealous of your weekly date. My parents have one every Friday also. We really need to be better at it, money is a big factor though. I am so glad it is Friday too!

Lisa said...

The Bozark, has been reading a ton of editing and writing grammer books lately.

You should have him read/edit. He's amazingly good at stuff like that.

The movie was fun, I'm so glad we went.

I love date night too.

You could always borrow the books too.