Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ring out, ring in.

The end of the year is coming to a close. Last year, as I reflected on the past, I was so glad that I hadn't known how hard it was going to be. I feel the same way this year. I'm trying to be hopeful for the coming year, but the truth is, you just don't know what the future holds.

This year, what I'm hoping for is literary success. I am entering a "First Chapter" contest during the LDS Story Makers conference. I have two stories that I will take and let me just say, I WANT TO WIN SO BAD! Who knows? It's possible.

There will be a grand prize, then first, second and third place prizes. Of course, I want that grand prize, but I would love to make any of those places. I have learned so much this year. Just the fact that I found a new love in writing is huge, but I have written a book, (over and over! lol) Started another, got accepted to a writing course, won the Peach Day's writing contest, and have made lasting friendships with other writers that I cherish. My cup runneth over in this area of my life.

I won't even go into the "Losing weight" area.

I will say that I hope to be healthier and happier in this next year, so that I can meat each and every "growing experience" with stamina and perseverance.

I thought about making the goal to quit swearing but I need at least one sin. I don't want to be translated after all.

So my prayer is that all of us, whoever you are out there, make this year the best you can, rising to the occasion and continually picking yourselves up by the bootstraps. That's what I intend to do. Good luck and Happy New Year!


Charlotte said...

I give you permission to leave swearing for another year if you'll give me permission to continue to eat brownies anytime I want for another year.

Melissa-I sure do love you. What a fun girl you are.

Amy said...

I think you have some great goals. Much luck on the writing. I would love to be able to say that once upon a time I read her blog before she became big. Have a good night and lots of luck for 2009.

Lisa M said...

Good Luck my dear in the writing arena. That is what I just love about you, is that you are a go getter, and I mean it. I'm often so wishy washy, and it is something I admire about you.

I've got all of these ideas in my brain, but never bring them to fruition.

Soo Happy New Year, my dear!


Josi said...

We don't want you translated yet, either--we'd miss you too damn much. Here's to a better year!!