Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Guitar

I have started a new book, and I have to admit, I love it! It amazes me how much better I have become with my writing. What they say is true, if you do it, you'll improve. This new story is more for adults, where my first book was more for kids.

It's about a beautiful guitar that's cursed. It seduces it's owners into believing they can't live without it. That they need it to be successful. Like a drug. It gives them what they most want at the time but destroys their world without them even knowing it.

The main character is a musician that falls right into the guitar's trap. The guitar can't be burned or destroyed, so the story is of the woman, how she finds the guitar, and how she escapes the terrible web she gets caught in. There's romance, betrayal, mystery, murder....all that good stuff.

Does it sound good? Would you want to read it and find out what happens? I hope so!


Josi said...

Sounds awesome! I love it when a story grabs hold of you and won't let go. Best of luck!

Yolanda said...

It sounds like my old relationship with Diet Dr. Pepper ; )

Hey...since I think you are FABULOUS....I gave you an award...Come see my site!!

Anonymous said...

I would read it!

Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

Sounds great! I am a musician so that certainly speaks to me!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, it sounds like an awesome story! Just the description of it, as you wrote it, was very intriguing. I'll buy the book when it's done!