Thursday, December 18, 2008

Line upon line

It continues to surprise me how much I still learn on a day to day basis. Things about my kids, my husband, about being a mother and all the other little things we learn as we go through our day. But lately, in my writing.

The lessons I love are the big ones. It seems we resist certain things, thinking we know best. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. I'm a wonderful resister, but when I do that, I think of the saying, "What you resist, persists." So true, so true.

I have been writing my book, "The Guitar" on a daily basis. I am writing it in first person but wanted to add perspective from another character in third person. Most published writers and agents would tell you to pick a perspective as stay there. I resisted. I thought I needed that third person perspective to make my book better. How will people know what is going on otherwise?

So, now I humbly admit, through trial and error, practice and learning, I have deleted those chapters. (I actually moved them to a file where I save deleted sections of books I write) I have found that I can write this book and have it be even better if I do it like a professional. Funny huh? Anyway, I am really excited with the changes I've made and I think it will be even better now.

So, the moral of the story pliable. Be able to bend, adapt, and try something you are uncomfortable with. Try something new, teach yourself a new trick. It is possible for us old dogs to learn, you know.

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Maggie May said...

oh my. deleting chapters is soooo hard!!! you rock. keep at it.