Thursday, December 04, 2008

What do you think?

I have a question for you out there. Do you think rock music is wholesome and if not, is it detrimental? I was just thinking about this because I have a couple of new favorites. I have listened to their music for a while but they have just taken the forefront in what I like. They are Beyonce and Nickleback, well, and Pink too. So I was sitting here at my computer rocking out and I looked over at my four year old and he was rocking out too. It made me laugh.

My parents hated rock and still do. So it got me thinking. Would I listen to Nickelback or Pink if the prophet were in the room? Umm, NO! So, what does this mean? Is this a "caffeine" discussion? One of those topics that walks a thin line?

Now, I must not think it's too bad because I have no intention of stopping my rocking anytime soon! Dang! So what does that mean? Am I destined to always be a sinner? Be rebellious? Caffeine is bad for your body. What is bad for your spirit? I often think of that scripture where is says, "I would give all my sins to know thee." Hmm. Would I? I'm not sure.

What kind of person says that? One who likes his sins, I guess. At least I know I won't roast in hell alone. Lisa and Yolanda will be there with me! =)


Yolanda said...

Let's not go completely CRAZY...I just gave up caffeine for pete's sake!!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

you make me laugh! I love you!

Tash said...

me im a complete angel...i do nothing wrong lol. and if you believe that i have more stories for you too :)

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I know you do! lol

Robyn said...

Not on your life. I think there is crummy music in every genre, but you can't blame music for the wrong that is out there in the world. Some of the best stress relievers around is some good old headbanging rock.