Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am about to discuss a very conroversial subject here. I can not in good faith keep my mouth shut.

I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. I truly believe in the phrase "ignorance is bliss".

I happened to check out the book, "More natural cures revealed" by Kevin Trudeau. I have been facinated and appauled by what I have read. I have not just read this book, I have been researching what he talks about on the internet.

He talks about alot of things but what I want to focus on here is immunizations. I will say it here and now. I no longer believe in immunizations. I am not afraid or embarrased to say this.

Immunizations contain a preservative called "Thimerosal". It is 50% murcury in weight. It is linked to all kinds of disabilities in children. If you want to read a little about it, here is just one of the web sites on it. OK, I can't get it to work. Just google it.

I have been putting poison in my my kids since the day they were born. There are more kids with cancer today than EVER before. Do we wonder why? How can I in good conscience give my kids something that I know is bad for them. Plus, more children are injured or dead because of the immunizations we use today.

The government does not care. The cancer industry is big business for them! Kevin talks about quite a few "cures" for cancer. Natural remedies that have worked. He is constantly being sued buy the Federal trade commision and Pharmicuetical companies for what he says. He has been aquitted every time.

Don't believe me about this. Or him. Look it up!

He also talks about an ingredient in all our beauty supplies that is a cancer causing agent. It is "propylene glycol". "They" know this and other chemicals are dangerous and yet are still used. This particular ingredient has been used since the beginning in the early 1900's. It was grandfathered which is why it is still used! We put this poison on our faces, in our hair, on our skin ect... Have you ever wondered why cancer is at an all time high? Why? With all the technology we have. Go into your bathroom today is see that it is in your shappo and conditioner, you skin care. The "laural sulfate" ingredient is also caner causing. It is in quite a few bathroom items too.

The pharmicuetical companies don't want a cure. The cancer industry is a billion dollar indrustry. They'd go bankrupt if there was a world wide cure!

Don't believe me. Look it up. Read this guys books and then research it.

I will not continue to live like I have. I cannot in good conscience put this stuff on me or my family any more. I am going organic. I do not feel like I am going over board. I feel like I should stand up for what is right and protect my family.

I will no longer follow blindly, like a sheep.


Yolanda said...

"I will no longer follow blindly, like a sheep."

Please make sure that you aren't still blind-folded...This guy may have some points to ponder, but he also makes his MONEY from this marketing scenario...

Whenever I hear of the immunization controversy, I think of Mumps...There was a couple in our ward who did not immunize their children. Their son went to a neighborhood preschool that many children in our ward attended. This son developed full-blown MUMPS...Since 2-4 year olds immunizations are not complete until the last booster is given, this created A LOT of stress within our ward...(parent against parent, "to immunize" vs. "not to immunize"...) This young boy came close to DYING (my husband was one of the bretheren who administered to him) of a disease that perhaps, he did not need to?

Be careful...Be thorough in your research...Be prayerful in your decisions.

I, personally, think organic is definitely the way to go...It's just that my check-book finds it rather expensive!! My one organic indulgence is peanut-butter...I get that, plus a small tub of fresh almond-butter (YUM!) at "Good Earth."

Maren said...

The immunization controversy is a big one. We did our research and felt impressed to wait to immunize Reilly. In Japan where they don't immunize until the kids are two, they avoid a lot of the problems that we have had here. In any case, I am SO glad that we did not have him immunized. His health has been so fragile and he's allergic to so much of the world that I truly believe that the vaccinations would have either killed him or we would have a kid with autism or some other problem that could have been avoided. I think it is an individual decision and if the spirit directs, then follow that.

melissa c said...

Thanks Yolanda for your advice. I do understand what you mean. That is why I am researching it so carefully. Believe me, I used to believe the opposite.

Kevin Trudeau does not make money off of this. (he claims anyway). He is so tired of being accused of that , that he has given all his assets away and now makes money on his new letter he puts out. These are not his ideas. He reports what he finds. Everyone ought to read his books and decide what they think.

Yolanda said...


Found this...take it for what you will...