Friday, September 22, 2006


My dad came in to town last night. It is so good to have him around. I hate it that he lives so far away.

I feel like my kids hardly know him and so when he does come this way for a visit, nothing else takes precedence.

I am keeping the kids home from school today to be able to spend the day with Grandpa and their step grandma. They don't call her that but I just wanted to clarify.

Dad lives in Washington and comes to Utah where both of their kids mostly live. They are going to Arizona to spend the winter and to be with his sister who is dying of cancer.

Anyway, I adore my dad. He asked me last night if I have very many good memories of my childhood or if I have a favorite good memory of my childhood. I have THOUSANDS! I named everyone that I could think of. It made him cry.

I don't know about the rest of the kids, but I feel very close to my dad. Some of the other kids have complaints because he had a violent temper when we were growing up. Mostly with the older kids. I do have some bad memories of terrible things that happened but I have more good ones.

My dad worked hard and was married to my mom for....well, until she died. They did not have a great marriage. He's a red and she was a blue for those of you who know what that is. Blood, sweat and tears. They should probably not married eachother but the got 8 kids out of it!

My dad gave me MANY beautiful blessings that I can remember to this day. He taught me to fish and camp and to love Christmas in spite of himself. He always thought of it as a "halmark holiday"!

He has faults like anyone else does and demons he probably wishes would die but we all do and I have such a great appreciation for him after having my own kids. I guess the thing that is most important is that I KNOW he loves me. He cares what happens and is very concerned about me.

He has become a very tender man in his old age and I think my mom would love who he married. She is a yellow, so they get along like peaches and cream. She has molded hin into the man my mom wishes she would have had in him. It is amazing to see and sad too. She deserved a man who adored her. Don't get me wrong. They loved each other but it was not like the relationship I have with my husband.

All in all. I believe he has done the best he could with what he was raised with and with what he had.

I am so grateful for all he has taught me and for all our great talks and for all the mornings I got to snuggle with him on Sunday mornings. Here's to you Dad!


s'mee said...

You humble me Melissa.

I grew up with so much contension that I had a difficult time getting passed it. Even now, in reference to my parents, I find more fault than praise. My parents also did the best they could with what they had (I keep telling myself that), but I still have a part of my heart that finds forgiveness hard. I am much better now than I was, but hope and pray to get to where you are now.

This is a lovely tribute. Enjoy your time with him.

Yolanda said...

It reminds me of one of the quotes in the Visiting Teaching lesson for this month:

"The Church is a not a place where perfect people gather to say perfect things, or have perfect thoughts, or have perfect feelings.The church is a place where IMPERFECT people gather to provide encouragement, support, and service to each other..."

It's all about using this life to "fine-tune" us into better people.

I loved your tribute!

Lisa M. said...

I love your Dad too, and who he is married too. Sometimes, I think that I am like your Mom. I am not sure.. why I think that, but..I do.

I love ya.

Great tribute.

You have a beautiful soul.