Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This book has been a facinating ride. Yolanda send over the address for the consumer report on Kevin Trudeau. Very interresting. I wondered why every comment was so negative. Don't they ever print good comments?

I know there have to be more people out there who, like me, have had a good experience. When someone is so vehemently attacked like this, it really makes me think they are innocent.

It reminds me alot of Joseph Smith to be honest. He was called all sorts of names. Accused of lying, stealing, whoremongering, sexual addiction and a host of other things you all already know about. No one wanted to read his gold bible that he made up and his reputation was forever tainted in the world out there. And still is. That is amazing to me.

Now, I don't know if all the government cover ups are true but it wouldn't surprise me. I have not read his first book. I am reading the second. He was accused of not putting answers in his books. That is rediculus. There ARE answers. The truth is, most people are not willing to do what he recommends.

Most people are not willing to quit putting sh-- in their bodies. He putt his "infamous chapter six" in the second book and it tells you step by step how to start. Most people don't want to quit eating sugar, white flour, eating fast food, sweeteners and meat sold in stores. The meat in our stores is so full of hormones an other crap that young girls are developing more rapidly than ever before. I knew that before I read his book.

Most people don't want to do yoga, and other things to reduce stress. He even talks about the importanace of prayer and praying every day and the power it has to heal.

He has you do cleanses that clean out your bowels, liver, kidneys ect....

He talks about how cancer has been proven not to be able to live in an oxygen rich inviroment and the more alkaline our bodies become, the less chance we'll get and keep cancer. The toxins in our bodies are what make us very, very acidic.

It is basically the word of wisdom broken down in detail. God doesn't want us to be sick and then stuffing ourselves full of drugs that make us more sick!. It really is common sense. I think the evil forces out there don't want people to be healthy or get better. It's all about money. You can buy anything in this world with money. Sound familiar?

I share this because I believe he is right. Our bodies are temples. We NEED to be more concerned about what we put on ourselves and feed ourselves. The last quote I'll give you today is this, "don't put it on your skin if it can't go in your mouth". Our skin absorbes everything we put on it. It makes sense that if you can't eat it, chances are it's not good for you!

Enough of this soap box. I am getting a head ache! Got to go makes lunches and breakfast! I sure love you all! Have a fabulous day!


Yolanda said...

I agree with the alkaline comment...My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Instead of doing conventional treatment, he opted to alkalize his body through an intense diet change, putting only things in his body that increase the alkaline in his meat, no sugar, no bread,...basically he lived on spinach, raw nuts, olive oil, and water!! Well...10 months later...HE IS CANCER FREE!! (his doctor was speechless!)

My beautiful Melissa...I sent you that consumer report because I worried about you losing $$ on newsletters, etc. I hope I didn't offend you...I really have no opinion on him, or his book...I do believe that organic is often better, and that there are many things in our world that destroy the "temples" our Father in Heaven have given us to protect...that is why we each have our free agency, our intellect, our reason, and our spirit, to guide us to the truths we need to help us in this life.

So many times when I read your posts I feel like I am looking into a mirror!...I respect and adore the passion at which you tackle things!! I love that you don't back down to peer pressure, or society, and stand true to what you believe! I LOVE STRONG WOMEN!!

Now...go to Good Earth...get some almond-butter...slice an apple...take a deep breath...and ENJOY!!

ps) Is your baby doing better?

Lisa M. said...

You have a headache?

Oh my dear. rest. You need rest. A Pepsi, tylonal and an almond joy. If that doesn't work, how about a bigmac?


you know I love ya!

melissa c said...

You guys kill me! Yolanda, you don't offend me AT ALL!!! It's good to have friends like you who tell you what they think and don't mince words. It makes me feel wonderful that you care enough to even say so! I love you!! Never change! ALWAYS feel free to tell me what you really think about things!

Lisa, Don't tempt me! I am doing the colon cleans and it's really good but man, what I wouldn't give for a BK big fish right now!

Lisa M. said...

I know all your soft spots, missy.

Olive Garden....




I have to tell ya...

I really think I could run on bit on the evil side.