Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today, is a new day. I am actually feeling fine about the school stuff. I really feel like something is around the corner. I don't know what or when exactly, but I feel it there.

I thought it was school, but now, I know it is something else. It's ok. I know I am not down here stumbling blindly in the dark. The world is full of possibilities. I'm not in the least bit worried.

The boys are starting karate today. I went to watch and now I want to do it too. The adult class is wed. and Fri. at 6:00 which is a bad time for me so I don't think I will be able to but maybe I'll just have the boys teach me! They really love it!

I took a karate class in college and loved it. I was actually one of the best in the class. Hard as that is to believe. I'd love to start again.

Well, I'm hungry, so I've got to go. Think I'll make tacos for dinner.


Yolanda said...

My kids are in karate, and they LOVE IT!! They have been going for two years, and I love the discipline, respect, and physicality of what they learn. It is amazing to watch them!

Have a great day!

Lisa M. said...

My kids all took Karate. We had really good experiences. You'll have to tell us what ya think!

Taco's. YUM.

Oh so YUM.