Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am so sad this morning. My eyes are burning from crying and feeling a little lost. My dream of being a teacher will not happen unless someone dies and makes me rich.

I got a letter from the counciler this morning, and, well, I'll just let you read it.

Terry, you may want to talk to her about the realities of starting a new major at this point in her academic career. She has 143 attempted hours and I don't know how she's planning to pay for this, but financial aid will cut her off at 145 hours. At 170 hours she will be hit with the Surcharge (have to pay out-of-state tuition). She hasn't even got an associates degree based on what is posted to her transcript and absolutely NOTHING toward and English Teaching major (which is 52 credits). She would also have to have a teaching minor and unfortunately USU doesn't offer a Music Teaching minor so that is a minimum of 18 more credits if she chooses the shortest possible minor. Then she will need to do the certification classes which are another 35 credits. (Total so far = 105 credits!) Again, this doesn't even take in to account the missing math class that she needs and the CI's, QI, DSS, and DSC, that is if we can squeak by with 2 credit breadth classes in some of the areas. (The College of HASS is getting more strict about students meeting the minimum number of credits within the breadth categories.) ...As I said, to be fair to Melissa I cannot, in good conscience, encourage her to embark on a new major at this point in her academic career. She needs to finish the one that she started or find a shorter major unless she is COMPLETELY AWARE of the strong possibility of the financial burden that it may hold for her. I don't think that the cost that she will pay for a teaching degree will pay off for her in the end. Lisa

Well, that about sums it up. Where God closes a door, he opens a window but I'm not feeling any breeze yet.


Yolanda said...

When people tell me that I "can't," I immediately set out to prove them wrong!!

You mentioned in your first post about going back to school, that you wanted to just take a few classes at a time, for now, while you have little ones...Why not finish your major/degree that you started in this way? Then, you WILL have your degree, which is a foot in the door whether you want to work, or go back to school. There are several ladies in my community who have degrees (not necessarily in education) who went to the principals and administrators and said, "I have a degree...I enjoy helping/teaching/mentoring the youth...Put me to work!" These ladies hold jobs anywhere from teacher's aides, track coaches, to women who lead the reading programs in the elementary school.

Plus, you can start to "save" for additional school, now...Then when you do want to start your teaching degree requirements, you will have a jump-start financially. (I can't help but think that Pell grants, and other things could help you with your school costs?...)

If this is something you feel passionate about, then there is ALWAYS a way...it might be rough, but there is a way! You just need to balance out what you need to get from the experience, and see if it is worth it to you.

There are so many "seasons" to the life of a woman...I'm looking forward for my "season" to go to law school...It's a process, and although the journey is in it's baby steps, it makes me excited to think about it as a reality..(although the thought of taking the LSAT scares the crap out of me!!)

NEVER lose your vision of what you want to accomplish! With determination and prayer, you can do anything!!

Love ya,

melissa c said...

Hey girl, I don't qualify for grants anymore. After you have 128 credits, you can't have a grant. They are trying to keep people from being eternal students!

I just don't know what I want to do now. I don't want have to drive all the way to the university everyday, which I would have to do if I majored in music again.

I was hoping to take classes here at the extension. All is not lost. I know there are other oppurtunities out there.

melissa c said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that you have to out of state tuition if you have more than 145 credits. That is 3 times more than the regular tuition. It's to keep the student # down. Stupid.

Lisa M. said...



Yolanda said...

okay...What about getting a Bachelor of General Studies via BYU Independent Studies?..You do all the course work via internet, testing facilitator/proctor, and/or assignments...My friend is currently completing her degree, and has really enjoyed the program...

I guess there is always...worms?!

Cheer up!! Your options are endless, and you DON'T have to set in stone this VERY MINUTE what you will do...Take it in...wrap your brain around it...get a pedicure...have some almond-butter...breathe deep...and know that there are SO MANY people who want to see you succeed!!