Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good morning! It is beautiful here today. It's not too hot and the sun is shining. I am feeling a little sad that it will end soon. I wish autumn would last for a few months instead of a few weeks!

I was watching the today show and they had on a little segment about all the toxins that we are surrounded by. They did not mention , however, all the toxins in our shampoos and skin care that we use but it was good.

I just learned from my little sister that she did not have her baby immunized until she was two. Most other countries do this anyway. I asked her why, (beacause I never would have questioned it when my kids were babies) and she has quite a few friends with children that are having problems and they can trace it back to the time of their immunizations. She wanted her children immune but to not have the problems that can stem from it.

I think she is very wise and I wish I would have done the same. I wrote a little while ago about how I totally do not believe in immunizing any more. That is not totally true. I do believe in the immunizations. I just DO NOT like the fact that they use a form of murcury as the preservative. There has got to be something else they can use. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that.

I am still trying to eat mostly organic which is alot harder that it would seem. There is nowhere to by it here close by. The cost is not an object since I have found that I actually spend the same or less on groceries because I am not buying the crap I used to like gram crackers, gold fish, cold cereal, instant, in the package food. It does take more effort but my body feels so much better.

I also REALLY love the organic skin care and shampoo I use. I had to get used to it at first but my skin has never been softer and my hair has never looked and felt better. Wierd.

My problem now is that I sell a skin care product that I no longer use. Minor detail. It's a great skin care product but they use ingrecients that ALL the companies use. Parabens, laurel sulphates, and propylene gloycol. All are chemicals which are toxic and build up over time in our bodies. I just can't bring myself to keep putting it on my skin. Ignorance was bliss.

So, if any of you want some skin care at half off, come and get it! I don't want to say what brand it is because I don't want to get in trouble. Not that I think I will but better safe than sorry!

I wasn't doing a whole lot of selling anyway and I will keep it going for my few regulars. I feel like such a granola girl and it throws me.

What I am really in a quandry about is my hair! I have LOTS of gray that I have kept religiouly covered for 10 years! Do you know what they put in hair dyes???? That may be my one exception. Whether or not I am a granola girl, I do have a little vanity still running in my veins!


Amy said...

I hear ya on the immunizations. I never questioned it until my last child was born, as a micro preemie. We did all his shots later than the scheduled time and I had the MMR broken up. I believe that you can request certain brands of shots that are not prepared with the mercury. I am glad you are feeling better. Where did you get your organic shampoo & conditioner?

melissa c said...

I bought it at GNC. It is called "Rain water and Tee tree oil" and it's great!

Lisa M. said...

My dear heart.

I'll swing by tomorrow and take you to McDonalds. *Smirk*

I am sure they have something organic on their menu.


How was the salmon?

have I told you today, how much your positive outlook means to me?

Its been a week from hell. It was nice to hear your voice on the other end of the line today.