Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This morning I am hooked on the song " I like big butts and I cannot lie" The problem is that that is the only line I know!!!

I had a crazy night where I woke up at 2:00am and layed there for an hour wide awake. So I got in my bathtub to read. Love that. I read a book called something like "Mobster to Mormon" I liked it. Fast and easy reading.

I got out and was still wide awake to read the Book of Mormon. I love that book! I feel so good good when I am studying it. Life is such a cycle. Those people were just like us. It is amazing to think about. Those people are crying "from the dust" for us to learn from their mistakes.

I heard something really interresting this week that has been on my mind alot. We were talking about Christ and how so many people who don't believe he was the son of God still think he was a great prophet or teacher. What I heard was this. Christ was either the biggest charlatan and lier that the world has ever had or he was who he said he was. He, himself claimed he was the son of God, the light and truth of the world etc..... He couldn't tell the truth and lie at the same time. Either you believe Him or you don't. Black and white. Very simple to me.

None of the prophets who ever lived claimed to be more than just a messanger. Very interresting. Isn't it.

I want to comment on Ophilia's comment 2 times ago. She said something to the affect that God was not some fortune teller at the fair that tells us all that we should do. In a sense, I completely disagree. He is the ultimate fortune teller. The trick is to understand what he wants us to do and have the faith to follow it. We have free agency AND we have a destiny. We have the chance to live up to great potentials. Many are called but few are chosen.

Prophets all through time have predicted or seen the future. I believe some things are meant to be. It is our job to petition the Lord to find out what he wants us to do. I do think he cares whether or not I have another baby. I am his daughter and I need his advice. This child could be a future prophet or world leader or great composer and a average mother who raises great kids. I don't not believe it is just up to me.

It may not always look this way, but I try to do EVERYTHING in my life for HIM. He is my way of life. I don't make ANY important desicions without his approval. That is why I am so determined to get an answer I understand.

For those of you on a need to know basis, you need to know that I know Ophilia very well. I want her to understand why I write the things I do. It is not because I am always weak and helpless (but in the grand scheme of things, we are.)

I just want to say the I love the gospel and I know it is true. I know it is true for everyone. People may or may not want to believe in it and that is their free agency but some things are true whether or not you believe them.


Lisa M. said...

My dear sister,

You make my heart sing. I love, your thought processes, and the zest you have for life.

I have never known anyone who had such an open dialog with Heavenly Father, the way you do. I have witnessed that, first hand, and that experience has changed my life.

I had a very good friend once, who was Jewish. He said that he did beleive in Christ, that he felt like he was a great and divine man, but no the Son of God.

One night, we were discussing Charity, or the true LOVE of Christ. We were compairing bible passages in the different "versions" of the bible. In mine, Charity was used and in his Love was used.

When I explained to him, *MY* interpretation of that word, that it meant oh so much more than just the often "casually" word, love.. he stopped and thought about it.

He conseded that Charity, truly was the essance of God. He never did concede that Jesus was his son, BUT... in the time since then.. he has come round to my way of thinking.

I tell you this experience, because, one time... in a gray jeep, I was riding along side of one of the greatest people, I'll every know, and she very casually said, "I was having a chat with Heavenly Father the other day" and the thought, stopped me in my tracks.

It had never occured to me, that I could have that "personal" of a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

and guess what...

Sooner rather than later...

I came round, to her way of thinking.

I am a firm beleiver that, when we express how we feel, and say the things in our hearts, especially in this medium, we are helping ourselves define who we are.

I appreciate you *putting* yourself out there.

When you do... you expose yourself, and yet, in that vulnerabilty you are defining your thoughts, feelings and ... asserting your ideals.

Sooner or later, that restlessness that lays with in you, will find the peace it seeks, and I truly beleive... that when it does, you'll find that expressing yourself along the pathway... was a *key* step, in finding that peace.

Much love my friend!~

Maren said...

This was a good post. I think about the children we have and what they are here for and it just amazes me. Your thought process reminds me a lot of mine. Actually, many of your recent posts have resonated with me in some ways (things I believe, have gone through, etc.).

ophelia said...

I love you and want you and all your family to be happy. The judgements we make of each other hurt. both ways. let's watch that.