Thursday, August 31, 2006

My poor little baby is sick today. This happens every time he goes to the nursery at church. About 2 to 3 days later he gets sick.

Today, He has a deep cough, runny nose, high fever and I can tell he has a head ache. He has just lain in my bed all morning and pretty much cries all the time.

I am so irritated about it. We had a big camping trip planned for this long weekend and I doubt I will get to go unless a miracle happens.

I don't want to keep him with me at church either though. I might as well be inactive! Supposedly "someone" cleans everything but obviously not very well.

I thought about calling the nursery leader because she is a friend of mine. I want to let her know of my problem. She used to be the relief society pres. and I like her alot.

Anyway. The joys of parenting. The next obstacle. My 10 yr old J. came home yesterday to tell me about some boys on the bus who bully him. They took his backpack and water bottle and wouldn't give them back and then threw them in the garbage at the back of the bus. He was bullied last year by these boys. I called the one's dad that I knew. These boys are also in my webelos pack. I am tempted to talk about bullies, what it is, how it hurts etc today in scouts.... I haven't decided. It makes me so angry. Granted, J. is very sensitive and gets his feelings hurt easily but I don't get it. What is it that draws the wolves? It's not like J is a weakling. He loves sports, is very confident. Wants to be in every talent show, enter every contest and science fair and is very outgoing. He's definately a yellow. He loves sports and is not shy. He loves to participate and just want friends that love him as much as he loves them.

It's hard to see your children hurt and I am well aware that the trials will mold his character but I wish I could shelter him from it. I'm going to nip it in the bud this year though. Half of these boys are in my ward and come over for scouts as polite as you please. It makes me want to smack 'em! See my violent nature? I don't think their parents know how their children behave.

Last year J made a girl his age on the bus cry. Her mom called me and I made him use his money to buy her a present at the store. We went to her house to give it to her and he apologized and promised never to make her feel bad again. He, of course, was mortified and embarrassed. It was actually a girl he really liked. Kids can be so stupid. I know in their minds it's "harmless" teasing but some kids come home and cry. I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT! I have no patience for teasing and teasers.

Am I being over dramatic? Possibly, but I don't think so. Kids who are allowed to tease when their are young, think there is nothing wrong with it when they are older. In my mind it is just another form of abuse.


Lisa M. said...

That is the very cutest picture of teh G'ster. I just love him, he is such a cutie.

You know, missy. G just has a lower threshold for getting sick. Or at least that is what I would imagine. He probably will, given his history, for a while.

When these little babies experience trauma in their first weeks of life, their imune systems take the first hit, and require a lot more time to cultivate, before they are fully, functioning. That is more than likely why, he struggles in a setting that is a total germ fest.

I really do suspect, this is something you will deal with (UNFORTUNATLY) even at first, when he starts school. More than likely till about the age of fiveish.

There are some steroid treatments that you can get to boost his amune system, but I have heard and read quite conflicting reports about the use of these. I would say, arguably so, the best deterant is extra vitamins and keeping his immunizations and flu, and be sure to get the pneumococcal vaccine.

I wish I could fix it. I would be happy to watch G, on Sunday's while you are at church. Since yours is a different time than mine, that shouldn't be a problem at all. I would actually enjoy the compnay for Ethan.

I have the very same problem with Ethan. He gets sick everytime we go someplace like church, so rather than put him through it, we take turns staying home with him.

Anyway, food for thought.

About J.

Slimy darn kids. I agree with you. I have NO TOLORANCE for it either. I wish Mr. Brown was the principle still. i don't know the current one, but when we dealt with this almost EXACT situation wiht Vix, HE rode the bus with them, for a week, and talked and talked the whole way there, to the entire bus, and humiliated them into submission. Maybe your new priciple could do that.

I really do think it needs to come from a source of authority. i struggled with Jay and his friends during Webelos Den days too. I asked on of the fathers to come and give a talk on bullying. That way, it didn't come from ME, but I do think the point came across.

Perhaps if you attack it from several different corners. ie: school, den, parents, bus... that would do the trick and not bring J out into the light, just so that there can be more mockery and teasing.

Does that make any sense?

This is such a long comment, it needed a warning!

I hope you're well, and I'll call ya today.

Where were you going camping? Who with? Ya know, you could always take our motor home!

Anyway, keep in touch, lovey!


Yolanda said...

Along with what Lisa said...Let the nursery leaders know that G has a lower threshold for germs, etc. and to let the other parents know that they need to keep their kids home if they have ANYTHING along the lines of runny noses, cough, rash, fever, etc.(which they should be doing REGARDLESS of who is in the class!..) You'd think most parents would "get" this, but you would be surprised...
When I was in the Primary Presidency, it was AMAZING when I would go to check in on Nursery, how many kids were walking around with snot all over, and coughing up a storm!! Have your Nursery leaders post a sign on the door, saying that children with signs of sickness (and literally LIST the symptoms) should not attend...Nursery should not be a breeding ground for perpetual sickness!! Granted, just like school, there will be times when all appears "safe," and you'll STILL pick up a nasty bug! DEFINITELY get your guy a pneumococcal shot, as well as the flu shot...Since I'm high risk, myself, all my kids get these, and I feel a lot better just knowing they have that extra "zing" against these bugs!

All I have to say about the bullying?...Did you see the movie, "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle," with Rebecca DeMornay? The part where she confronts a bully at the school yard? THAT is me!!

Love and Hugs...Hope your little guy gets better soon!!

melissa c said...

Very good advice! I have not thought about his lower threshold for getting sick. He seems so "normal" and is treated such. It is easy to forget his rough start.

I did not talk to the boys at scouts about bullying. The two that are the biggest trouble makers didn't come.

Lisa M. said...

Sis, I hope I wasn't offensive in my commenting.

I think that he is *normal* I just think that seems to be a trend, I ahve been picking up on.

I think he is so cute.

Mayhbe I could watch him and you E for church.

Bring him on over.

HE's such a cutie.

Maybe he could teach E to put cherrios in his mouth!

Those big bad bullies are NOT going to get ANY scout awards.



I am such a bitch sometiems.

melissa c said...

I never thought you came across rude or anything. I sometimes forget that their could be problems for G. You know that I am not offended by you!

I REALLY appreciate your advice.

Lisa M. said...

melissa I linked you over at conversations.

Take a look at some of the responses there.

Lisa M. said...

Well obviously you went or you would not be ingoring me.


I have enjoyed your crockpot, and I have no intention of returning it.


You have been tagged at my place. So get home, quit playing and get your butocks to work, little Miss!

Frog Legs said...

For sure talk to the leaders. I know when I was nursery leader (back in college) I did poist a list. And wouldn't let the kids come in. I couldn't believe that parents would bring them. Now being a parent- I take my son to his class, and if there is anyone in there (he's 7) who is snotting, we surely don't stay and I tell the teacher & PP about it.

As for the bullies. No words of advice-- never had problems with it. But I know in my classroom I will not tolerate it...

s'mee said...

I left way too long of a coment over at Conversations, but to reiterate: Don't put up with it. Talk with the kids, then the with the parents and the kids standing right there.

As far as the biohazard we like to call the Nursery...Inform the pres. She wants to know. Inform the Nursery Leader as well. And if all else fails, hand someone a box of CLOROX Wipes, a spray can of LYSOL, and a bottle of Purelle and tell them to use it as much as possible.