Monday, August 21, 2006

Thank you all so much for cheering me on! It means so much to me! I love all the support I feel here on our little network of friends. But I have decided not to do the race on Saturday. I really want to and I am not giving up, I just know I am not ready. I am only running a mile right now and when I do more, I wake up the next day with feet that hurt. I think I just need to take it slow.

My goals still include running. In fact, I want to run a marathon some day if I can just keep going, working out and trying to get my body as strong as I can, I believe it will happen. I also know from experience that I shouldn't bite off more than I can chew. I regret it every time. I admit that I feel so jealous of these people I know that can run and have no pain and can train everyday and progress quickly. Some days I just want to cry at the unfairness and yet, who ever said life would be fair? It's not ever going to be, nor is it supposed to be.

It's these trials that we overcome that make us stronger, better people. I KNOW that because of my struggles with fitness, that once I am there, I will be able to sympathize and help others who are where I was. I know I am going through this frusteration for a reason. I am not sure what it is but I know it's got to be there!! I don't believe we go through what we do for nothing. I also don't believe that life has to always be hard. God wants us to be happy and healthy and to raise happy, healthy kids. I guess it's all about attitude. When the waves come do you give up and quit bailing? Or do you yell at the wind, "DO YOUR WORST!!" I hope you are all the latter. I hope I am too!


momyblogR said...

Yeah, I'm one that is always yelling at the wind. :):)

I admire your commitment to running, it certainly says a lot about your character. For that reason alone you should feel proud!

Running is not my thing but I have started a Yoga workout that I've been doing at 5am every morning.....I love the way I feel when I'm done, stretched and strong! :):)

Yolanda said...

Two things that might help you on your "quest!"

1) Weight train the muscles in your legs...The stronger your legs, the less stress there will be on your ankle, feet, etc...

2) Invest in a GOOD pair of running shoes, FITTED BY A PROFESSIONAL at a running shop...I was once told that if you do this, a properly fitted pair of shoes that will work with the build of your foot (arch height, whether you pro-nate, etc.) will do WONDERS (You should'nt even get blisters if the shoe is fitted correctly!) They will also have suggestions on how to condition your body to be able to run longer distances.

I know your passion about this, and although it might take some careful planning and time, I KNOW I will see you at a marathon!!

xoxo Yolanda

melissa c said...

Thank you! I do have great running shoes and I have to be so careful because I do over pronate but I have had a really hard time finding good insoles. I've tried like 6 or 7 different kinds and it has been a challange.

I have not been weight training so that is a good idea. i'll do it!

Island Queen said...

Good for you Melissa! You are so dedicated. I hope the pain will subside soon.

Lisa M. said...

I hope it kicks your butt and lands you in bed for a week, so I will finalliy get my invite to come sleep with you and watch movies and eat really good junk food.

GOOD HELL, the things I have to pray for to get your attention.


I miss ya sis. I heard you honk the other morning as you were going into town and I was laying in my bed, with my eyes closed hoping it wasn't morning.


Lets go to the fair together though, that would be fun.

I so need a friend.