Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I have decided to go back to school. It's a huge step for me but you all know from past blogs that I have been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life for a while now.

It hasn't been like a sense of urgency necessarily but I have had a strong feeling to get it done. The problem is, I don't want to go into the same thing as I did 12 years ago.! I really feel like I need something that would take care of my family if something happend to my husband. I hope it's not some kind of premonition but that is what it almost feels like.

Now, when I tell you what I have settled on you are going to think I am insane. In fact, if you had come to me a year ago and told me that this is what I would choose to go back to school for, I would have said," Get thee hense, Satan!"

I want to teach high school english and history! Yep. It's true. I know teachers don't make tons but.... I would be home with my kids when they are home. We would have the same holidays off, I would have good insurance, (at least better than I have now), Holidays off, summers off, and I could be home when I want to be, with them. I thought about a medical field but I don't want 10 to 12 hour shifts, people telling me to work nights or weekends or holidays or possibly, accidentally, killing someone (minor detail).

Plus, I want to teach kids that areold enough to try and really think! To delve into subjects and to have some really good discussions. I hated high school and if I can make it better for even a few kids, I would really feel good about that.

I am not in any hurry. I will take only a couple classes at a time while my three are in school. Then I will only have to find someone to watch my baby a couple times a week. I'll have to do my generals again since it has been so long but I don't mind. I would go to school for ever and be perfectly happy about it! I love school. My husband doesn't like that idea but I could do it!

I will probably start in the spring and I am very excited about it. I know there will be hard times and I am really afraid of going to all that work and then not liking it but I guess that is the risk you take with any job. Let me know what you think and if any of you out there do teach high school, I would love your imput and opinions.


Island Queen said...

Good for you Melissa! I too have been thinking for a long time about going back to school. DH and I spoke about it last night. I think I may go into Real Estate. Either that or Business.

I haven't told anyone yet though.. you're my first!! lol...

Let us know when you start :-)

Amy said...

I think it is an excellent idea! I have thought many times that I would love to teach, for many of the same reasons you chose, I just don't want to do the school thing again. So much so that my dad even offered to send me to law school and I said no thanks. I am also only a semester short on getting my Paralegal degree and I just can't make myself go back. Good for you!

melissa c said...

Amy, if you don't feel the push, find something that does it for you. There is no hurry!

Island queen: Congrats! Isn't fun! I think we'll be way better students now than back when I was 18! Let's keep eachother posted!

s'mee said...

congratulations to everyone who wants to keep the education thing going. Career or not, being a smarty is a good thing!

Melissa, I agree about high school and actually enjoyed it and being in jr. high (gasp!). I think the biggest problem with teachers in those age groups are preconcieved negative ideas about teens. They give what you expect; so if you expect greatness, it will happen in your room.

Another thought, after a while you could keep going and get what it takes to teach at the local junior college. My best friend works at one and currently make 6 figures for four days work. Not bad.

Tash said...

I think its brilliant. I don't think education is ever a bad idea :) plus I think you will do great!! I think its the one thing I regret not finishing was college. i really liked school. but then I got married and was too poor hehe. then I had kids....and well you know the rest LOL

so look you already have a study partner :)

Maren said...

My sister-in-law did that. She now teaches 8th grade English. She went through some sort of career switcher program to become a teacher. Good luck with this. I hated high school too. Good and friendly teachers would have made all the difference for me.

Lisa M. said...

i'll watch your baby!

I need a baby to play with Ethan, and I would try really hard to be good.


I love ya dear sister, and ya know? I think it is your calling in life to work with kids.

I am very proud of you!