Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Free Friday once again and I took advantage of it! I slept on my feather bed for the second time and let me just say, it is delicious! It is the most snuggly experience! I LOVE IT!

I slept in and the kids just watched tv in the other room and I watched "big mama's house". I thought it was very funny! Then I soaked in the tub with my baby and read a good book. Then we layed around and wasted more time on the big feather bed! Did I mention I love it, and that so does everyone else.

I did take the time to cut the boys hair and trim H's hair which I really should have had done by someone else. I have been trying to grow her hair out for 2 years and it was terrifying to see it get shorter and shorter as I tried to make it straight. Her hair is about chin length and very straight on top and curly underneath! I finally gave up! She probably lost an inch in the endeavor! Ah well, we try.

We then watched Oprah and I love that woman! She had a little boy on today who's father stabbed his mother to death and then the boy himself. The little boy then said on national tv that the angels held him up so he could call 911. Then when his father came back, the angels told him to play dead which he did and it saved his life. The police came, saved him and he had been stabbed 6 times! His mother was dead and his dad only gets 25 years in prison. The boy was 8 at the time and now lives with his aunt and auncle. Natrually, I bawled clear through it. What a powerful experience for that boy. I am sure the angels came for that little girl who was killed a couple of weeks ago too.

I think the angels are ALWAYS there with us and that we only get to see them in times of accute stress or emergency. Especially for children. It makes me so grateful for days like today when we just hang out together and do nothing but cuddle, eat, and cuddle some more!


Amy said...

I totally agree about angels being there. I love the story about the preemie girl who smells "Him", the one that held her when she was so sick. It really hits home because my youngest was a preemie. It gives me comfort. I gave up on cutting hair when I cut off my oldest's curls when he was 2. I can do a buzz but that is about it.

Lisa M. said...

Melissa, I am going to blog about this, because I feel so strongly about it.

I am home by the by.


I love ya. We need to have another girls night out.


momyblogR said...

Ok first, I guess I'm just going to HAVE to get one of those feather beds....Man, hubby will NEVER get out then.

And shows like that just kill me, I can't take it.

Yes, thank God for angels