Friday, August 25, 2006

That's my man!

Man I love this guy! He is such a great dad, a great provider, hard worker, and great lover!

I can't believe how many women are frusterated with their husbands lately.

I think every one of my close friends is ready to beat somebody! One friend's husband is never home. He works constantly. No, that's all the husbands of my friends who are having trouble. Could this be the common denominator?

My one friend's anniversary is today. She called to cancel baby sitting at the last minute because they had had a huge fight about him needing to be at some stupid football game. He is a coach but doesn't coach the varsity team but is supposed to be there anyway.

As is works out, he's not going to it and is taking her out after all. Another guy I know leaves by 8 in the morning at gets home at 10 at night almost everyday of the week.

Man after man. My husband is not too different where work comes in. The one difference with him that I see is that he is very obedient when I put my foot down! He is a white, if that tells you anything! If I tell him he better be home, he usually is!

Most other women are not so lucky. I don't think men are really aware how hurtful it is when they blow off birthdays and anniversaries.

My husband did that once on our 10th and in fear for his life will never let it happen again! Why do they think that we would rather have them working 24/7? It's a mystery!

I truly pray for our marriages. I do believe that Satan is working to destroy them. I mean, why not? Once that is gone, the rest falls in to place! His job is so much easier!

Most people believe in a God of some sort. I have noticed that most don't believe in Satan or feel silly talking about one (or him). That is his best tool. But he believes in God and he believes in you!

Forgive and forget. I know that is so hard but our men have such great qualities. Like a willingness to work for example!!! Ha!!!


Yolanda said...

What a darling picture!!

Rules I try to live by:
1) Put each other first &
2) Serve each other unconditionally

Then when trials, life, and "sh** hitting the fan" occurs, you will be in a better place to handle it!! I think too many couples get lost in the "me" factor...

Thoughts on work? Gotta have money to pay the bills...but not miss pinewood derby or a karate match. Thoughts on his "golf?" It makes him happy...which makes me happy!! (Especially since the deal is he can play EARLY Saturday mornings, and be home by 8 or 9am, so our family time/projects are not lessened!) It's all about balance, communication, and love!

melissa c said...

yes mam, you are right!

Too many wives don't "let" their hubbies have any fun.

They need their own things just like we need ours.

Lisa M. said...

Ah Bryan is such a hottie!


I love your life Melissa. It's great.

Thank you for being my friend.

Island Queen said...

What a great picture! He sounds wonderful. :-)

momyblogR said...

How funny that you say "when I tell him to be home, he usually is"...My guy is the same way. He isn't going to win any Father of the year awards but he is a great Dad, good provider and in the lover department, he ROCKS!

I agree, we all need to pray for out marraiges!!