Thursday, August 17, 2006

a glutton for punishment

I was sitting on the couch last night reading the schedual for the county fair and right there in front of me was the advertisment for a 5k race. It's even free if you register before hand. I sat there frozen. I didn't know they had a 5k for the fair. B looked over and says "you aught to do that." I'm like, are you kidding? Just sitting there, looking at it makes my heart start to race. My breathing speeds up, my blood pressure rises! This is something I DO want to do but it scares me to death because in July, I almost finished last and that was embarrassing. Plus I have been only going a mile at a time while I try to get my foot better, which it is better but 3 MILES!!! I don'tknow if I can do it!

I called my running friends who are now running almost 5 miles at a time to tell them about it and see if they want to do it. OF COURSE they do so we will all do it together except for the fact that they will be leaving me in their dust within the first 5 seconds. I know I can do this I just want to do it well. I hate feeling like a cow crawling over the finish line at the end. I will do a trial run this morning of a 1 1/2 miles to see how I do and if I can go a little faster. I am so excited! Yet soooooo nervous. I wish B would run with me but he won't. Surprise, surprise.


s'mee said...

wooo hooo! I am so excited for you! Years ago, back in the dark ages, I loved to run. I ran everywhere. I even held the record for the long distance runner in junior high...for THREE years! yeah baby! No one would know that now, but it was so GREAT, I loved the feeling.

Please do it for me and for all the other moms who wish they still could.

eeeeeeeeee! I am excited!

Maren said...

Good luck. I hope that you are able to realize your dreams here. I can tell how important running is to you. Best of wishes.

Lisa M. said...

I so don't get it.

But I am so glad you do.

I'll make a sign.

I'll be the chubster down front, grining and drinking the diet cola.


Tash said...

Hey babe...greetings from the lone star state ;) my sister just got her internet up and running so I thought I would drop a note. Its been great fun...sea world was a blast (went twice). We have been swimming and just hanging out. wade is enjoying himself immensly.
I hope you are doing ok with my baby. dh said he cried alot this morning....
I think you should run definatly...I will come cheer you on for sure.....
talk to you soon....:)

Jewel said...

I will be there with Lisa M. cheering you on. (I wish I could be, but I live so darn far away). Well good luck if you decide to do it. Have a great day. Do it for me. I am not able to run at all.