Thursday, August 03, 2006

I had an interresting experience this morning. I was chatting with Heavenly Father and basically begging him to heal me and that is it such a small thing I am asking and why won't he just do it etc....? When I got a real distinct message from him. I was told very clearly that I am being very selfish and only thinking of myself and that if I lost myself in service to others I would get better faster. Now I don't know who is in charge of passing on messages to me but who ever they are, they are extremely blunt. It must be my grandmother on my dad's side.

I prefer to be delt delt with in a more loving, patient manner. Would it hurt to be coddled just a little bit? I realize it is a pretty obvious thing that most of you could have pointed out to me already but hey, I needed this lesson in this way. Sometimes you have to be smacked across the face (spiritually speaking) to get the message. Are any of you out there like that?

Well, today is our ward campout and I have lots to do so I'll see you all later! Happy prayers to you!


Amy said...

It has taken me 17 years of being smacked across the face to get the whole "spiritual" thing and I am still working on being more receptive. I struggle that things aren't always answered the way I want them too but it is one of those "things" I am working on. Have on the campout!

Yolanda said...

Yes...I still have fresh welts healing on my face...But I guess that is why we are all here in the first place...This mortality stuff can be tricky!!

Have a fun campout!

Lisa M. said...

Melissa Marie Tooki Tooki-

You are the most blunt person I know. Ya bozark. Of course you are going to get messages that way.


*SMOOCH* You know I love you.

Lose yourself in service.


I have some laundry that needs doing.


Maren said...

I wonder about losing myself in service often and wonder if that would ultimately be helpful in my healing. In fact, I believe it will. Where to start and what to do? Now, that I need to figure out.

melissa c said...

I think it depends on where you are in life. In one stage, you could lose youself in the service of your children. in another, to geneology, in another in regularly visitng the temple, like weekly, In otherways, mowing the lawn each week for an elderly neighbor, or taking and elderly person to the solan each week to get her hair done or babysitting for a neighbor so she can get out once in a while. There are alot of ways. It's just getting started that's hard!