Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spring fever

Do you ever feel blah? Have you ever checked your blog over and over to see if anyone has commented, but your post is so old that you know no one has? Yet, feel too blah to write anything new?

That is how I feel today. This doesn't mean I'm having a bad day. On the contrary, it's been a great day. I have cleaned house, went to a program for Heidi, started a new story, and played a little wow. Not to mention...washed and folded three batches of laundry!

I actually feel great when I get a lot done, but I still feel blah. I hate that.

I need some action. Maybe I'm stir crazy. I feel spring coming and I'm getting antsy. Oh, I forgot to mention that I reorganized both upstairs bathrooms. ALL TODAY! lol

So, maybe that's all it is. Spring fever! I love spring fever! Woo hoo! I didn't even realize that that was what I was feeling! Now I'm happy. No more blah. Thank heavens for blogging.


Jeri said...

I love Spring! I think you should come down and clean/organize my house too. I need serious help in that category!

Love ya!!

Josi said...

I think you're blah because you're a freaking overachiever and wore yourself out :-) Have a cup of hot cocoa and then come clean my bathrooms :-)

Junipers Jules said...

I am pining away for some Spring! I definitely have the blahs, especially coming back after vacation.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

An over achiever is one thing I'm not! lol Just ask my mother!! lol

Tash said...

hey cute pic :) wonder who took that lovely picture hehe. i am so ready for spring i can practically taste it lol. and the weather here has been teasing us 60 for days then throw a 30 in ..its just not fair. today it was 66. tomorrow suppose to be the same.. then cold by weekend.. i want some good warm weather :) hehe miss ya tons

Jennie said...

i feel the same way!!! have you checked my blog? a 2 week old post!!! ya... i need to post something fun! lol!