Monday, March 16, 2009

A new book

I want to tell you about something that has really filled my heart! My son Jake, who I make/have read my stories I write for youth, is not normally a reader. It has taken a lot of effort to get him into books that he really likes. He's read the Eragon series, A door in the woods, and a couple others that he has really loved, but most of the time, it takes effort for him to find something he can really get in to. He's never been an avid reader. I have to pay/force him to read half the time!

Well, I have started a new story that I call "The Ring of Power." It has been super fun so far. I only have six chapters so far, but every day since I've started it, Jake continually comes into my room asking if I've written anymore. His next comment is that I need to hurry and write the rest. Every time he enters my room, he goes to the computer to check for any new paragraphs. The first thing he does after getting off the bus is go straight to the computer to check for any new chapters. He doesn't even get a snack first. (that's huge, by the way)

He LOVES my story! You have no idea how happy this makes me. This tells me that other kids out there will love my story! I pray that the gods will be merciful and allow me to get my books published. Woo hoo for great kids! This has been a huge boost to my fragile self esteem! =)


Lisa M. said...

Ah, sis, that is great. Very neat. I love that kid, I really do, and what a sweet picture that is!

I am STILL waiting for the Guitar book.


Jeri said...

that is so totally cool!

Julie Wright said...

I love that! My youngest did that with me on one of the books I just finished and every day I felt immense gratitude he gave my fragile ego. Congratulations!