Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank you!

I just want to thank everyone who passed by and read my latest post! It has reminded me of something and that is...everyone loves to get comments on their post.


Also, a little reminder any new bloggers. It is good blogging manners to visit someone's site who has visited and commented on yours.

All my friends do this so don't think I am getting after anyone. It's just a friendly reminder to all. There are a few blogs I have found that I enjoy, that I have commented on a number of times, who never return the favor. Not that it matters tons, but it makes me (and probably others) not want to keep commenting.

Lisa taught me this. When I first started blogging, I wanted everyone to visit and comment, but I wasn't returning the favor. I had lots to do and was busy as we all are, but she very gently taught me that if I wanted patrons and friends, I needed to be friendly! =) It was a good lesson. Thanks Lis.

So...THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! I genuinely love your comments and love to visit your sites as well. Have a great day!


Amy said...

I'll comment since I haven't for a bit! I changed my theme and lost all my links and am slowly reclaiming them one at a time. :) Glad to have you back. I'll comment more now.

Josi said...

Yeah, I learned that lesson from some kind-speaking friends, and it really is good etiquette. You said it very well.

Melanie said...

So after talking to you the other day I got a fire under my butt! You have this fearless, go-get-em attitude about writing. Way to go! Thanks for the inspiration. Let me know if you got my email. I lost my note with your email to my 2 year olds creative juices.