Saturday, March 14, 2009

A fresh start

Good morning blog readers! As much as it pained me to do so, I rewrote what I'd lost in my new story, then had my son read it. He caught a bunch of details I'd left out. Good ole Jake. I wish I could say that my husband proof read everything I wrote, but he's not around enough. I hate to ask him to take the time when I really feel he should spend his extra time with the kids and me.

So...Jake read the stories and corrects them and has gotten fairly good at it. He's only thirteen, but I am training him young. He now likes to write stories of his own. So do Seth and Heidi. I'm raising a bunch of future writers. Keep it in the family, I always say!

I do believe this new story is more on the fresh side. I wanted to think of something that no one else was writing about and I think I have. I'm not sure of course as I haven't read every kids/fantasy book out there, but my gut feeling tells me this is different. I hope so. I am so excited about it that all I want to do is write! =)

I have put aside my story, "The Adoption, as it is a bit heavier and dark. I need something fun and light after finishing The Guitar, which was also adult suspense. I like to go back and forth between adult and youth. It keeps me fresh and excited and I do well at both. I can't decide which I like better. Once I finish one, I seem ready to tilt in the other direction. Anyway, I am calling this new story The Ring of Power. Look for it in bookstores near you!

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Lisa said...

Ya gotta love it. Good for you on the rebound.

That is great that Jake is loving his job as editor.

By the way the Water district is having a youth essay competition. Jake should try for that!