Thursday, March 05, 2009

Writer's Digest writing competittion

I am taking an online writing course. I have to admit, I have really enjoyed it and have learned quite a bit from my instructor who was a professional editor for a lot of years. She is pretty blunt and very strict. I was told that if I ever went over the word count, she'd send my assignment back uncorrected. There are other instructors who aren't so strict, but I really like her, so I kept her. I like people who don't beat around the bush. Even if it hurts at first, I would still rather have someone get straight to the point.

Progressively, her comments on my assignments have gotten more and more positive, with fewer and fewer mistakes to correct. LOVE THAT! lol

So, this last time, she sent me a flyer about the Writer's Digest Writing competition! Woo hoo! I definitely want to enter it. The grand prize winner gets a trip to New York with one on one meetings with top publishers! There is no guarantee that they will represent the winner, but hello? Just getting noticed would be huge! So I will enter a few short stories and see what hapapens. I'll let you know!

For more info on this competition, click here!


Josi said...

Way to go, and good luck!

Tash said...

thats awesome! IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU :) GOOD LUCK oops my comp is wigging again sry for caps lol i know you will do well your stories are getting so good :)

Jennie said...

how cool! i am so excited for you!

Yolanda said...

I LOVE people who are tough and honest...It makes you work that much harder, and then when they make a positive remark, it means that much more!

Good luck!!