Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where is everyone?

Has blogging slowed down or is it just me? It seems that people are going through a slump online. At least in my opinion. Maybe it's spring fever or maybe everyone out there is going through what we, at my house are...the ten millionth cold of the year.

I have felt terrible for a week. Jake stayed home from school today and the others should probably have too. How sick is too sick to go to school? The other two didn't want to stay home. Guess I'm no fun.

So, I sit here feeling like crap, checking all my favorite blogs on a daily basis, but finding no change! Where is everyone and why is no one commenting on mine? Is it that boring? he he

I sat wondering about that yesterday. What is it that those blogs have that get hundreds of hits and/or comments daily? Why are they so popular? I have decided that it is because 1. The person is extremely popular and people want to be associated with them. (not necessarily a bad thing), 2. The blog pokes fun at things. or 3. the blog is extremely acidic or mean and everyone wants to see what all the halabaloo is all about.

I may be wrong, because, I am in an altered state with cold medicine, or maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself because I'm a wannabe icon. What ever the reason is, I better get a hundred comments today!


Jeri said...

I'll comment.

I have the monster cold too --sitting here with a head stuffed to the hilt and feeling like crap! but look for a new post from me tonight (after Tim downloads a picture from the camera for me.)

and I blame facebook for pulling away most of my regular bloggers.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

You know what? I'll bet you're right! It's that dang facebook! Although, I think it has slowed a bit too. At least from my corner of the world.

S'mee said...

Life. Life got in the way for me lately...I'll be up and back to dailies soon, hopefully!

I also agree that the most popular blogs seem to be mocking, mean, or just plain controversial. There are the few exceptions, like NieNIe and CJane, who frankly are just nice all around and who can help but read good things? Some of the very popular "good" blogs just don't do it for me on a daily basis because I feel they too are trying to grab me for some personal gain, a hit, or whatever...don't know why I feel that, but I do. Anywho, hang in there. If you post I read! I may not always comment, but I read each post via (the blessing of) google reader.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Ah, Smee. I've missed you! I suppose I should do better too at commenting on your posts. I promise to do better!

Charlotte said...

With my blog--the commenting seems to go up and down, for no reason that I can find. Sometimes I'll post something that I think is very blah, and I'll get like 5 comments (which is a LOT for me). Then I'll post something that I think is really great, and no one will say a word.

The lack of comments used to give me a little bit of stress, but I have sitemeter on my blog, so sometimes when I'm feeling a little un-loved, I'll check the listings, and see that 20 or so people checked in that day, even though no one said anything. Then I feel just fine.

But really, I SHOULD be okay to blog just because I know my mom likes to read what I write. That's not enough for me yet (I like the praise of men too much), but I'll get there.

As for me, I'm a pretty fickle commenter as well. I read about 20 blogs on Google Reader, and I check in there at least daily, and often more. Yours is one of those that I check, and I read everything you write. I don't comment on any blog (not just yours) as much as I used to, probably because my life is a bit more hectic these days.

I haven't said anything about it yet, but as long as I'm writing--I think it is GREAT that you are taking your writing so seriously, and learning all you can, and winning contests, and chasing this dream. You go girl!

Julie Wright said...

Cold's suck! Or is ot blow--as in noses. Anyway, sorry you're sick. I've been editing other people's books and editing my own as well so any time at the computer is time actually working. Sad but true. I told myself I got an hour to play on the internet doing whatever I wanted today and here I am hanging out with you :)

Jeri said...

I have google reader too - so even if I don't comment - know that I've been here.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

This has been fabulous! I LOVE getting comments. I think it should be this way all the time! lol