Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh, the horror!

Let me share my latest drama with you all. Now, some of you may know that I live in hicksville surrounded by lush, green fields of corn and alphalpha. I love it. I watch the sun set while my four horses graze lazily in the back field.

I also have three fat cats who are obviously not doing their job. I do not like cats. I think they are filthy, devious and sneaky. They have one purpose and one purpose only. That is to catch and kill mice before they make it into my house.

They are about to be fired! We have had an infestation of mice lately and I am about out of my mind. A few nights ago, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a tickling in my hair. I ignored it because, you know, sometimes you get little tickles in strange places and it means nothing. Well, I felt another tickle further to the left--in my hair--again. I brushed my hand back, still half asleep mind you, and felt something flip away.

I sat up screaming and I am sure I said a very bad word! My husband jumped up screaming, "it's a mouse!" Ya, you got that right, very bad word...completely justified!

So, my knight in shining armor lays about ten traps around our room everynight. Our kids complain that they can hear mice in the walls. We catch a few here and there but never in our room.

So, this morning, I'm in the bathroom getting ready, Bry is leaning against the counter visiting with me when all of a sudden, a streak of brown races into the bathroom. I scream again! So does Bry, who jumps up on the counter so that his feet are safe! The little mouse runs under the closet door in the bathroom. I grab a trap, shove it in the closet, slam the door and shove a towel over the crack! There is no way that little devil is getting out alive.

About fifteen minutes later, I'm sitting on my throne, (ya, I know. TMI) when the little brown streak races under MY feet and into a hole in the carpet by my tub. Bry came racing in. He said he could hear me screaming outside!

I put another trap under the tub, but I get the feeling that this little mouse knows what it is. Now, don't get me wrong. It's not like there are hundreds of mice filling up my house, but the few that want to live here are grossing me out! I'm getting new cats!


S'mee said...

First off you have my complete support -I loathe (read: FEAR!!!!) vermin and to have the experiences you are having to deal with, well I would have moved to a Hotel by now.

If you are feeding your cats, STOP. The hungrier they get the better mousers they will become. Also let them be inside and outside cats until the deed has been accomplished.

Go to Target or wherever and get some of those nasty sticky traps, the black ones with the goo. Put them along the walls and in the cupboards where you are seeing the mice. I swear by these, nothing (besides a hungry cat) has worked better.

Make sure there are no piles of papers or clothing as these are targets for nesting places. Boxes full of whatever, drawers etc. I remember my gramma opening her bathroom drawer to grab some cotton balls only to find the bag had been turned in to a mouse filled nursery with MANY naked little newborns. SHUDDER! It's a hassle to live minimally for a while, but the temptation for a love nest should make up for it.

Remember, they are tiny little Casanovas, where there is one, there will soon be MANY.

Hang in there and you have my good vibes!!!

Jenn and Chuck said...

I had this problem in Oklahoma. Good luck! I set out the glue traps and those seemed to work. You do have to get rid of a live mouse stuck to a trap though. I also used a a d-con round trap that closes on them and then you can get rid of it and some packets of poison, but only where the kids and animals could not get to it.(Locked utility room)There is also a plug in thing that has a high pitched frequency that they don't like. I have them somewhere, you can pick them up if you want the next time you are down.
They ruined some of my towels, table cloths and other items in my linen closet, so be sure to clean and I would put everything into plastic tubs that are sealed. They sneak into everything. Luckily we only had a couple and they did not multiply after doing all of these things. They finally disappeared! Check your stove though. They like the heat, I always found a nest underneath or under the top where the heating elements are. This is where we caught one of them with a glue trap. :)
Good Luck!

Amy said...

I hate mice! We moved out to the valley and across from our subdivision are farms. Luckily between our neighbor's cat and my dogs we have been mice free (at least that I can see). My little 11 pound dog is the best mouser around.

Boy Mom said...

When we moved into our home 7 years ago we knew that the previous occupants had dealt with mice, we did a lot of remodeling and thought we had eliminated the problem. Not even. Once while shop-vac-ing I came face to face with a little bugger so I sucked him up then screamed for Adorable Hubby to take the shop-vac out. It lived, go figure.

Wog said...

wow im kind of facinated with mice lol. not that i want them crawling around my house and food.. but i love watching them hehe. but definatly kill them all :) and stop feeding those darn they start sniffing the mice out :) i would let one inside see if he can smell anything..but maybe all they can smell is kibble hehe love ya :)

Wog said...

oops this is tash...i just noticed i was logged in under holly hehe

Anonymous said...

Ew. It was funny to hear you tell me about all this on the phone. I like your new blog "wallpaper". Very cute. Hasta. love, K