Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silver and gold

Old friends, who we thought we'd probably never see again, with the help of technology, suddenly re-appear. I love it!

One such friend called me yesterday--out of the blue. I can't even remember how she said she found me, but it was a wonderful phone call. She is also going to the conference in April so we will get to reconnect that way.

She works for newsletter. She offered me the chance to write articles for the newsletter. How could I pass up such an opportunity! Woo Hoo! I'm on my way. Hopefully, they'll think I write well enough to want to print something.

Anyway, it was great fun talking to her. I hope we recognize eachother! I'll tell you, I was at a writing class at the library not long ago and a new guy was there. He looked about my age, seemed very intelligent, and he loves to write. He introduced himself and I had to blink twice. There was no way he was my friend from high school! He didn't even look the same! He hadn't changed drastically, he's just twenty years older. He didn't know me either! Now I know I haven't changed that much!

So, it just goes to show, never judge an old lady by her wrinkles! Every stretch mark, every "smile line" had been earned, and even if old friends don't recognize us right off, the love they have for in their hearts still burns brightly!

Here's to old friends!


Amy said...

That's exciting. Congratulations.

Rebecca Talley said...

Isn't it weird how we can now connect with old friends with the internet?

I love working with the people at yourLDSneighborhood. Very nice. You should absolutely submit articles.

Good luck with your writing!